Lillia is getting some noticeable changes on the PBE

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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The dreamy jungler Lillia is getting some meaningful changes on the PBE centering on her solo lane strengths.

League of Legends’ 149th champion Lillia just came out on the patch 10.15 Spirit Blossom Event. As League players were very hyped about Lillia, a lot of players hopped into the Summoner’s Rift just to play her. And after playing a couple of matches a lot of players soon realized that her kit is quite hard to master.

Although Lillia has one of the fastest jungle clear in the game, players felt that there’s something missing from her kit. Riot games however warned everyone before her release that she will have a high learning curve which could affect her win rate.

And eventually, she also took the same path as Volibear and Fiddlesticks in terms of win rate in the release patch. On patch 10.15, she only had a 42% win rate in Plat+ Elo with a 6.8% pick rate which is the lowest win rate among jungle champions.

Despite having such a low win rate a lot of Lillia players still think Riot should wait for a patch or two before they go into any kind of conclusion. A Reddit user u/HardstuckPlasticV recently pointed out that her win rate has risen about 7.5% across all ranks, a 10% increase in Diamond, and an 8.9% increase Plat in the second week of her release.

And about the current situation of Lillia Riot said, “We are keeping an eye on Lillia and evaluating what to do if anything 🙂 So far she is trending mostly as predicted.”

However on the PBE, Riot has pushed some Lillia buffs/changes focusing on her Q damage to minions.

Lillia Change

  • Blooming Blows (Q): damage to minions increased from 50% to 80%. 
Lillia Buff

After seeing the changes a lot of players were confused as on the live servers her Q damage to minions is 100%. But, some players have confirmed that Riot had nerfed her Q damage to minions on the PBE to 50% and later buffed it to 80%.

One player said, “this is a nerf from live. On live her Q does full damage to minions. She has been seen as too strong in top so they’re hitting her wave clear on PBE.”

These changes are on the PBE for testing and depending on the feedbacks it may or may not go into the live servers. But the new changes are definitely a nerf to her solo lane strength. This might be intended as Riot wants her to be in the jungle and buff her jungle strength in the future without having to worry about her solo lane.

As Riot is taking a week-long break, they have announced that patch 10.17 will be a light patch with no PBE. So it is still uncertain whether this Lillia change will go live on patch 10.17 or patch 10.18.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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