Riot confirms AFK players are now losing more LP in patch 11.3

Riot confirms that AFK players are already losing more LP than before, started from League of Legends patch 11.3.

Last year, due to the community outrage, Riot Games started to take extra measurements against game running behavior players. In season 10, Riot introduced a muting and reporting system in champ select and a harsh punishment system for inters & AFK players. Later on patch 10.24, they also added a system where players can now Surrender after 10 minutes if there is an AFK in the team. Moreover, Riot also ensured that they will continue to improve their system in 2021.

However, even with all these new changes, currently, there is still a huge percentage of players leaving ranked games in the lower elos. In Iron, there are 11.7% of games with AFK while in Diamond Elo there is 1.9%.

Now, League of Legends’ Gameplay Design Director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has confirmed that they have implemented a new system in patch 11.3 that now gives additional LP penalties for AFKing or leaving games. Furthermore, repetitive offenders will continue to lose even more LP over time.

“In 11.3 we added additional LP penalties for AFKing or leaving games,” Riot Scruffy said. “Repeatedly AFKing will ramp this penalty up over time.”

Having AFK players in ranked games is never fun and it always ruins the fun of League of Legends. And with these new changes, there is a high chance that it will reduce the percentage of intentional leavers by quit a margin.