Riot Clarifies Vayne Buffs on LoL Patch 13.6

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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The new upcoming Vayne Buffs have been explained by Riot with a plan in case things go awry.

Riot is getting ready to launch a new patch in League of Legends soon. Patch 13.6 is on the horizon as a new PBE patch is out, and we know what’s coming. This patch’s list of nerfs and buffs are smaller than the past few patches. However, it is putting out much-needed changes.

There are quite a few changes coming, like the Dragon Changes, Rune adjustments, and more. Also, we will get the last skin for the Ashen skin line and the new champion, Milio. Lastly, the new Faerie Queen skin line will be released and headlined by Faerie Queen Karma.

Among all the changes coming, Vayne buffs are coming to League of Legends. Vayne, along with Aurelion Sol, is getting the biggest changes in Patch 13.6. However, it seems there was a bit more clarification required as Riot Phroxzon has explained the buffs coming to Vayne along with a future failsafe. Here is what we know so far.

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Riot’s Clarification of Vayne’s Buffs

As shown below, this is what Riot Phroxzon said in terms of clarification for the upcoming Vayne Buffs.

Vayne is getting some changes in terms of movement speed gained from her passive. In order to clarify whether the movement speed gained from the Ultimate has changed, he explained that it is unchanged and remains the same value.

Riot has also prepared a failsafe in the event Vayne top becomes too strong. Some may argue Riot is being a little negligent in releasing a buff that might make Vayne too strong. However, while the PBE is a decent testing ground, the live servers provide more data in order to gauge the top vs bot balance for the champion. So it will be a hopeful phase for Riot if they overshoot it for the top lane, but it’s good to know that they already have a backup measure ready to go.

Hopefully, Riot will not have to get to that point, and the Vayne changes will make her balanced for both the top and bottom lane.

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