Riot Changes League of Legends XP & Gold in the 2023 Preseason

The Preseason Update for League of Legends is coming soon as XP and Gold changes are being made.

The Preseason update of 2023 will bring many changes and additions to League of Legends. The big additions are the Chemtech changes, the new Ping system, the voting feature, new items, jungle changes, etc. Most changes are geared to change things up in the game and alter how players are going about the game.

These changes are major as they will change the landscape of League of Legends for 2023. In the same vein, it is also an exciting part of the League of Legends to go into the preseason, try out the new changes, and enjoy the game. The changes will be fine-tuned by the time the actual season kicks off, so it’s worth it for Riot to bring them in during the preseason.

One of the aspects of the changes coming to League of Legends is the overall XP and Gold changes gained from different roles. Usually, when Riot goes for these changes, they expect some growing pains and fine-tuning going forward. Here are the changes regarding XP and Gold coming to Preseason 2023.

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XP and Gold Changes

Several Parts of the game are getting some gold and XP changes. Here is a detailed description of the changes in the different facets of the games. A Reddit Post compiles the changes very nicely. Since the changes are different roles, let’s start with lane changes and then move to jungle changes.

Lane XP and Gold Changes

XP and Gold are being changed in the mid and top lane. In terms of gold, it has primarily been the mid lane, while the XP change affects both the mid and top lane. Here are the changes:

Turret Gold Changes

  • Turret Plate Gold is being changed from 160 gold to 175 gold each.

The turret plate gold change will reward aggressive champions. However, since the turret MR/Armor is also being increased, the last 2-3 plates will be harder to take down. Rift Herald will play a big part in this as it deals true damage to turrets. Early game playstyles will benefit from this.

Mid Lane Changes

  • All Mid Lane Minions will give 1 less gold for the first 14 minutes of the game. The -1 gold is added to the already existing -10 gold from cannon minions in the mid lane.
  • Mid Lane will receive 95% XP instead of 93% XP.

The mid lane gold changes are not too major as the total number does not amount to a huge loss. It naturally stops mid laners from spiking earlier, even though mid lane is receiving a slight XP buff. In terms of XP, it is also a slight increase, so the gold decrease and XP increase should cancel each other out for the mid-lane.

Top Changes

  • Top Lane will receive 95% XP instead of 93% XP.

The top lane mirror the mid lane XP changes as the lead is a little more and should help top lane breakpoints to hit earlier.

Jungle XP and Gold Changes

The jungle is getting many changes, including reduced leashing range, pets, and such. Let’s start with all of them one by one.

Gold and XP Changes Due to Pets and Jungle Item

  • At 2:30 minutes in-game and every one-minute interval from that point forward, the player gains one treat for the jungle (treats stack up). Every time a large monster (big monster in the camp) is killed, the pet is fed a treat, which gains 50 gold per treat. At the highest jungle item tier, a treat is given every 1:30 minute instead of 1 minute.
  • Bonus XP gained from jungle items and pets is increased to 75 XP from 60 XP.

Junglers will inherently get more gold over the course of the game. However, it is not a lot in a single gain instance. However, for example, in a 30-minute game, it is a substantial amount of gold. For XP changes, it is more upfront XP for junglers to start leveling and keeping pace.

Camp Changes

  • Krugs, Wolves, and Raptors are worth less gold and XP.
  • Overall, jungle camps have less XP to compensate for the 15 Bonus XP gained due to jungle items.
  • Gold is being reduced in all camps to compensate for the gold earned from pet treats.

All the camps’ changes align with the increase in XP and gold given from the jungle item and pets. However, fine-tuning will be required as the changes hit the live servers. Let’s hope the balancing will be done by the time preseason is done.

In Conclusion

In totality, quite a few minor changes are being made apart from the jungle alterations. Much of it will move towards fast-paced games, while jungle gold will be a more steady income. A lot of this will boil down to balancing and fine-tuning over time. Thus, these are some interesting changes by Riot, and we hope it works out.

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