What Will Happen to Third-Party Apps After Champion Select Anonymity?

Riot is releasing Champion Select Anonymity in Patch 12.22, as Third-Party apps have been told to adhere to the change in policy.

New systems are being released by Riot this year as Champion Select Anonymity is coming to League of Legends. We have already received the anti-toxic chat system. Also, we are set to receive new system updates like the new in-game ping wheel and the voting for objectives in Summoner’s Rift games.

The anti-toxic chat system has received good feedback from players as Riot tries to fight toxicity. The future system additions and reworks will also make things better in the game. Riot is also constantly looking into adding more systems to help fight toxicity in League of Legends.

Thus, Riot is set to launch a Champion Select Anonymity system that they hope will improve player behavior. Here is what we know about it.

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What is Champion Select Anonymity?

Champion Select Anonymity is a system that is designed to hide player names during the drafting phase. Currently, the system is enabled in Normal Draft Mode in the PBE server. The reasoning behind such a system is to stop players from making conclusions about players’ skill levels during the draft.

Many third-party apps already use the API for League of Legends to infer the skill level, history, and such from the player’s name. Thus, to stop wrongful inferences from being made, Riot is just removing the names from the drafting phase in Ranked Solo/Duo from Patch 12.22 and onwards.

What Will Happen To Third-Party Apps Regarding Champion Select Anonymity?

Riot has asked third-party apps not to reveal player names and stats from Patch 12.22. As Riot has changed its policy with the system coming in place, they are also instructed the apps to follow guidelines. Whether or not that happens will be an interesting thing to see. Also, how Riot responds to apps that do not follow protocol will be something to watch for.

Regardless, Riot has decided to go forward with the changes. Thus, third-party apps like Blitz will need to change their system based on the new changes.

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