Riot Finally Adds Multi-Disenchant Feature To Get Quick Essence in League of Legends

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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A multi-disenchant feature has been added to gather all the Blue Essence in one go.

Riot has been adding some interesting features to improve gameplay and even getting a metagame out in League of Legends. Part of that whole process was deprecating support for the client of older systems and operating software. This allows Riot to focus on a singular version of the client and make improvements.

Since then, Riot has promised improvements to the client and made some small visual adjustments as well. Also, we have had several behavioral systems updated, and we got Tournament of Souls. The downside to Tournament of Souls is the fact that the client takes too many resources if you run it too long.

Regardless of that, Riot hopes to improve the player experience through these meta-games and enhancements. Blue Essence Emporium coming back is part of it, as they made some technical improvements to it. As the Blue Essence Emporium has not been available for a while, many people have stored their Champion shards by now.

Since disenchanting shards can be a chore, Riot is adding a Multi-Disenchant Feature to get all that Essence quicker. Here is how that system will work.

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Multi-Disenchant Feature For Collect Quick Essence

Jordan Checkman, also known as Riot BarackProbama, shared the workings of the new system.

The button will appear on the bottom left of the Loot tab. It is designed to disenchant 50 shards at a time, and that will grab all the Essence quickly. All it takes is the pressing of two buttons to grab all the Essence those 50 selected shards have to offer.

Riot BarackProbama also mentioned that a lot of work went into this system to handle millions of requests when this option releases. In most cases, players stock up their shards, and we could be looking at a lot of use for this feature.

So, Riot did enough work to ensure that the client will be able to handle that many requests. We expect the feature to be out in Patch 13.17 on August 30, 2023, alongside the Blue Essence Emporium.

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