When Will Blue Essence Emporium Return In League of Legends 2023?

With no real showing of the Blue Essence Emporium, we answer whether it will return this year.

The Essence Emporium was a bi-yearly shop that rewarded players for accumulating Blue Essence in League of Legends throughout the year. This used to happen in the middle of the year (June or July) and the end of the year (December).

Players used to store up their excess Blue Essence and use all of it when the Essence Emporium opened up. Every match played in League of Legends rewards Blue Essence in different amounts. So, in a long span of time, you can acquire quite a number of Blue Essence.

The Essence Emporium is the only outlet for Blue Essence after you are done buying all the champions and rune pages you need. However, the last Essence Emporium ended a while back, and we have not seen the return of it. So let’s talk about the Essence Emporium and when we can hope to get it again.

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What Is The Essence Emporium?

To recap, the Essence Emporium is a bi-yearly shop that players can get into to spend their Blue Essence for rewards. The rewards can range from chromas to skins.

Rewards of the Essence Emporium

The rewards vary from time to time for the Essence Emporium. So, to give an idea of what the rewards can be, here are the rewards that were available in the previous Essence Emporium.

  • Certain Partner Program Chromas (10000 Blue Essence).
  • But Why? Partner Program Emote (25000 Blue Essence).
  • Mystery Icon (1500 Blue Essence).
  • Chromas (released between July and December of any year) (1000-2000 Blue Essence).
  • Mystery Exclusive Icon (2500 Blue Essence).
    • Bandle City, Bilgewater, Demacia & Freljord, Ionia, Noxus, Piltover & Zaun, and Runeterra icons are on that list.
  • Baron Hat Poro Exclusive Icon (4000 Blue Essence).
  • Mystery Ward Skin (4900 Blue Essence).
  • Exclusive Essence Collector Ward Skin (6000 Blue Essence).
  • Exclusive Make it Rain Emote (50000 Blue Essence).
  • Exclusive Money Bags Emote (75000 Blue Essence).
  • Urfwick (150000 Blue Essence).
  • 50% off on Summoner Name Change Ticket, Experience Boosts, and Rune Pages.

Why Did Riot Put The Essence Emporium On Hiatus?

As mentioned, the last Essence Emporium was from June 28th, 2022, to July 12th, 2022. That was during Patch 12.12, and in a store update, Riot explained why Essence Emporium was going into hiatus.

According to Riot, deploying the Essence Emporium took way too much work, delaying events, missions, and others.

So, Riot went back to the drawing board to reinvent the Essence Emporium and make it more efficient. Three Gemstones were rewarded to regular players for this hiatus. It has been quite a while since that hiatus started, and we have had no significant update until recently.

Will The Blue Essence Emporium Return?

Since announcing the hiatus, the Essence Emporium has not been mentioned by Riot at all. However, as Riot has recently started to be more transparent with what they are working on, two Rioters have given a small update on the Essence Emporium’s return in 2023.

The first was by Riot Sakaar, Community Manager for League of Legends. In a tweet, he asked what sort of information players want, and the Essence Emporium was asked about. To that, Riot Sakaar replied by saying that an update is “due” for the Essence Emporium. That is a positive sign of Riot working on the Essence Emporium.

Riot Meddler was the next person to reply on Reddit.

Riot Meddler replied by saying that he can’t say too much, but something is in the works. Also, Riot Meddler mentioned that this topic would feature in a future video. So, with that said, we are not quite sure if and when the Essence Emporium will return in 2023. However, we will post updates if Riot divulges more information.

New Update on Blue Essence Emporium 2023

Riot has finally shared some additional details on the return of Blue Essence Emporium in 2023. In the latest dev blog, Riot said they have “revamped” the tech that supports it.

And if everything goes well, Riot will aim to release the Blue Essence Emporium this Summer of 2023, though it is still not guaranteed.

Moreover, Riot also confirmed that the new edition of Essence Emporium would be “pretty similar to how it was before.” Still, it will function a bit differently so that Riot can bring even more changes in the future.

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