A New Skin Tier Has Allegedly Been Leaked For League of Legends

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Recent leaks and rumors reveal that Riot might release a new skin tier in League of Legends in 2023.

League of Legends is a free-to-play game. So Riot Games earn its money by selling various cosmetics. Additionally, they have started releasing skins since the game’s release back in 2009. They have released a myriad of skins, and it doesn’t seem they will stop soon.

Currently, in League of Legends, there are seven unique skin tiers. These skin tiers are timeworn or classic, budget or deluxe, standard or superior, epic, legendary, mythic, and ultimate.

Each skin tiers have its features and pricing. For example, timeworn skins are the cheapest, yet they might only include slight recolor or model swap and nothing else. Moreover, an epic skin will include custom animations, high-quality splash, and even a voice filter, but for a slightly higher price. And ultimate tier is the most expensive since they are the most unique. An ultimate skin will include a custom voiceover, new animation, unique gimmick, etc. However, ultimate skins are very expensive as they cost 3250 RP (except for Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, as she costs 2775 RP).

But there is one skin tier that many people favor over the ultimate skins. And that skin tier is legendary. The legendary tier does not include any unique gimmick. However, they provide everything else an ultimate skin offers. Almost every legendary tier skin offer completely overhauled animation, voiceover, VFX, and sometimes even more. And they don’t cost as much as an ultimate skin.

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League of Legends: New Skin Tier Legendery+

There are new rumors and leaks around the community that Riot might release a new skin tier for League of Legends. And that new skin tier is called Legendary+.

This skin tier will be higher than the current legendary tier but lower than the ultimate. The prices of skins of the newest tier could be 2400RP. These skins would have the same features as the legendary skins (like added voiceovers, unique animations, etc.), but they will add more unique VFX effects. Those unique VFX effects include Baron, champions, and dragon finishers.

As for their release date, the leaker mentioned that Riot might release them in the upcoming summer for their “Big Summer Event.” But if all goes according to plan for Riot, we will see the new skin tier in 2023.

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