Rengar is getting a mini-rework in 2021

Riot Games officially confirms that Rengar is getting a mini-rework in League of Legends 2021.

Rengar has already undergone multiple changes in League of Legends. He received his major update back in season 6 where Riot gave his Q – Savagery and his entire kit a complete overhaul. However, it received mixed reactions from the League of Legends community.

He became a meme in the community for having the capability to one-shot basically any other champions in the game. And after many backslashes, Riot decided to revert his Q in patch 8.4.

But after that revert, his presence in both soloq and pro games dropped drastically. On top of that, besides that buff on patch 10.25, he is yet to receive any major buff/nerf in Season 11. Therefore, he currently only has a 48.83% win rate and a 2.8% pick rate in the Jungle. His presence in Top lane is pretty much the same as well.

Riot Games however has been bringing in some great mini-rework in 2021 for the champions who are pretty underwhelming in the current meta. In the upcoming patch alone, both Lucian and Amumu are scheduled to receive their mini-rework on patch 11.17.

Now, League of Legends’ Designer Riot Phlox has confirmed that they are currently testing mini-rework type changes for Rengar as well.

“We’ve read a lot of your thoughts about how Rengar could feel a lot better so we’re putting some changes on PBE for you all to test out and give feedback on,” Riot Phlox on Rengar changes. “The goal here is to ease painpoints and open up Rengar jungle so that he’s not so inaccessible in lower elos.”

Rengar Changes


  • Max Ferocity Stacks: 4 >>> 3
  • [MODIFIED] Jump no longer creates a stack if at 0
  • Ferocity Falloff Time: 8 >>> 10
  • Empowered Cast MS Duration: 1.5 >>> 3s
  • Empowered Cast MS: 30/40/50% >>> 20/25/30%
  • Bonetooth Forgiveness Timer: 1.5 >>> 3s

Battle Roar (W):

Rengar W rework Changes

Bola Strike (E):

  • [NEW] No cast time when leaping
  • [NEW] Reveals enemies for 2 seconds

For this mini-rework, Riot is reworking his W by removing the cleanse and heal but now it has more AP ratio — AP Rengar back? Well, we will have to see. Even though no changes are locked for the live servers yet, both his new passive and E changes look very promising.

Rengar Mini-Rework Release Date

Riot Phlox confirmed that the change list isn’t locked thus it still doesn’t have any release date yet. However, if the testing goes well we might see the rework on the Summoner’s Rift by the next few patches.

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