Lucian is scheduled to receive a mini-rework type update in 2021: new changes, empowerments, and more

Riot Games confirms that they are currently working on a mini-rework type update for Lucian.

Lucian has always been one of the most influential marksmen in the pro scene of League of Legends. In season 9, his popularity in pro games surged rapidly compared to the previous seasons. But things got even spicier in Season 10.

While previously he was mostly picked in the bot lane, in season 10, pro players figured out that he is one of the strongest flex picks in League of Legends. And regions like Korea and China were somewhat abusing him.

As he hardly received any changes in Season 10 and basically remained untouched in Season 11 till now, his state in the pro games as a strong flex pick has remained the same. Currently, he has a 36.5% presence in the pro games across all major regions. Even though most of the players are playing him in the mid lane, he is also getting picked in the Top and Bot lane as well.

However, on the other hand, his state is the soloq is getting worst and worst. Currently, on patch 11.12, Lucian only has a 46.5% win rate in the Plat+ Elo. Despite him being a popular mid-lane champion in the pro games, in soloq he is mostly picked in the Bot lane.

But now, League of Legends’ Lead Game Designer Riot Jag has confirmed that Lucian is getting a mini-rework type update in 2021 that should make him more relevant in the Bot lane.

“Lucian’s power as a flex pick and dominant mid laner has served to make him highly pro bound, where he maintains a very high presence there,” Riot Jag on Lucian’s current state. “On the other hand, he has a very low solo queue win rate in all positions.”

Lucian Changes

Riot’s tactics for this Lucian change is to increase his bot lane bindings. And here are some changes that Riot is currently testing on Lucian:

  • His base stats are getting reduced.
  • Getting nerfs to his early abilities.
  • [New] When Lucian is Healed or Shielded by an ally he will now get new empowerments.
  • His damage is getting increased against immobilized targets.

Full changes and what empowerments he will be getting are yet to be revealed. Moreover, Riot Jag also mentioned that “we can’t guarantee that any of this makes it to live, but we wanted to keep you all in the loop here.”

When this mini-rework type update for Lucian is coming out is still unknown but it might release in late 2021. In the meantime, Riot Jag confirmed that Sona’s mini-rework is going to be released in late summer 2021.

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