Rammus receives massive buffs on LoL patch 12.15

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot Games announces some massive buffs to Rammus for the upcoming patch 12.15

After the changes to the objective in the previous patch 12.14, our favorite armadillo champion, Rammus, went downhill. From being an S-tier champion to a B-tier champion within one patch.

Before patch 12.14, Ramus was really in a good spot with around a 51.48% win rate while having a 3.2% Pick rate around Platinum+ ranks. But after the patch, Rammus’s win rate dropped down to 49.63%, and his pick rate dropped down to 2.7%. From being the 6th top jungle champion in patch 12.13 to being the 33rd top jungle champion in patch 12.14.

Besides the durability update, Rammus hasn’t received a single update this season whatsoever. Not only that, he is even struggling very much in the pro scene as well. Even though Rammus has been much more stable in the meta after his last mini-rework in Season 11, he still struggles to do proper damage against champions, especially after the durability patch.

So Riot is now trying to bring back Rammus in the spotlight with some much-needed buffs, with some tweaks to his gameplay, while also adding some quality of life updates to his ultimate.

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Rammus Buffs Patch 12.15

League of Legends Lead Designer Riot Phroxzon posted a tweet regarding the upcoming Patch 12.15. Even though the highlight of the patch was Master Yi and Taliyah nerfs and the energy champion buffs, one part that stood out was the Rammus buffs.

One tweeter user asked about the Rammus buffs. After that question, Riot Phroxzon revealed some of the reasons why Rammus was getting buffed.

“Rammus went significantly down from 12.14,” Riot Phroxzon said. “He was performant in regular play on the previous patch, but struggles to take objectives on the new patch. Instead of buffing that however, we wanted to put power in his gank assist instead as that feels closer to his intended niche.”

Rammus Changes

  • R changes
    • Cooldown: 110/95/80 >>> 90 at all rank
    • Base cast range: 600 >>> 800 units
    • Range growth per MS ratio: 1.3 >>> 1.5
    • Dash speed up by 200

As we are nearing the League of Legends world championship 2022, we might see Rammus back in action in the near future. Not only that, with the new buffs, Rammus might be the new meta jungler since his new buffs will not only allow him to tank more hits but also be more mobile, be much faster and create way more impactful moments in a match.

Rammus Buff Release Date

All the changes are currently being tested in the PBE servers and are scheduled to release on the live servers on League of Legends patch 12.15, August 10.

Soumyo Deb is a League of Legends writer at GameRiv and a dedicated Jungle Main. When he is not writing about the latest League news, he is testing out various off-meta champions in the jungle.