PsyOps 2020 Event: Missions, Pass, Skins, Rewards, Loot Bundles, Starting, Ending, and More

League of Legends PsyOps 2020 Event is going live in patch 10.18, and here’s everything you need to know about the event.

After the Spirit Blossom Event’s massive success, Riot Games has finally announced the next big event in League of Legends, the PsyOps 2020. The new event is going to feature new PsyOps skins for Sona, Vi, Master Yi, Shen, and Ezreal where Ezreal will be getting the Prestige Edition skin.

Similarly to the Spirit Blossom Event, PsyOps 2020 Event is also going to have part 2 which is going live in patch 10.19. In the second set of PsyOps events, Riot is going to release new PsyOps skins for Kayle, Pyke, Viktor, and Zed alongside the 151st champion Samira, the Desert Rose.

PsyOps 2020 Event Starting and Ending

The PsyOps 2020 Event is going to start from September 3rd, 2020 at 1:00 PM (PDT) and the event is going to end September 30th, 2020 at 11:59 PM (PDT).

Although the High Command will stop recruiting September 30, players will be able to use their tokens until October 20th, 2020 at 11:59 PM (PDT).

PsyOps Pass & Pass Bundle

Just like the last event, the PsyOps Event pass is also going to cost 1650 RP. After purchasing the pass, players will get 200 PsyOps Tokens and 4 PsyOps Orbs.

The PsyOps 2020 Event is also going to have a Pass Bundle, which will cost 2650 RP. In the Pass Bundle, League players will get 200 PsyOps Tokens, 4 PsyOps Orbs, and the new PsyOps Ezreal skin.

Both the PsyOps Pass & Pass Bundle will be available in the store until September 30th, 2020, at 11:59 PM (PDT).

Pass Bundle skin
PsyOps Ezreal Via Riot Games

Missions and Rewards

Even before the PsyOps Event’s release, there were secret missions in League of Legends that rewarded players with hidden PsyOps and BRG icons. And now in the PsyOps Event, there will be more new missions and rewards for the players with the pass and without the pass.

Milestone Missions (pass required)

These missions become accessible with the PsyOps Pass. Remember, you’ll need to complete each Milestone before moving onto the next!

PsyOps 2020 Pass MilestoneReward
Milestone 1PsyOps Event Pass Mission Icon
Milestone 25 Prestige Points
Milestone 310 Win XP Boost
Milestone 45 Prestige Points
Milestone 5Emote: Powering Up!
Milestone 65 Prestige Points
Milestone 71500 Blue Essence
Milestone 85 Prestige Points
Milestone 9Emote: I Will Crush You!
Milestone 105 Prestige Points
Milestone 11 Emote: Wait Until You See My Tricks!
Milestone 121500 Blue Essence
Milestone 13500 Orange Essence
Milestone 14Mystery Emote Permanent
Milestone 151 Gemstone
Milestone 16Hextech Key
Milestone 171 Masterwork Chest
Milestone 18750 Orange Essence
Milestone 19PsyOps 2020 Orb
Milestone 201 Gemstone

Token Missions (pass required)

Playing Games:

Win a matchmade PVP SR match10 Tokens
Lose a matchmade PVP SR match5 Tokens
Win a matchmade PvP ARAM match6 Tokens
Lose a matchmade PvP ARAM match3 Tokens
Achieve a rank of 1-2 in TFT8 Tokens
Achieve a rank of 3-4  in TFT6 Tokens
Achieve a rank of 5-6  in TFT4 Tokens
Achieve a rank of 7-8 in TFT2 Tokens
Win a matchmade One For All match6 Tokens
Lose a matchmade One For All match3 Tokens 

Weekly Win Missions:

Players with the Pass & Pass Bundle will get 5 points every time they win in Summoner’s Rift, ARAM, One for All, or TFT (placing in the top 4). And even if they are on the losing team they will still earn 2 points.

Riot Games also mentioned that “as this event is shorter than normal, be on the lookout for an extra weekly mission during Week 4 that will grant an extra 150 tokens.

Week 1: Score 35 Points215 Tokens
Week 2: Score 35 Points215 Tokens
Week 3: Score 35 Points215 Tokens
Week 4: Score 60 Points355 Tokens

PsyOps Missions

Breaking and EnteringWin a game where your team took 7 or more structuresPlay 5 games (All)PsyOps Icon
Get To WorkKill 200 minionsPlay 7 games (All)10 Tokens
CoordinatePlay a matchmade game in a party with 1 or more friendsPlay 3 games (All)10 Tokens
ConvergeScore a takedown where your entire team contributedPlay 5 games (All)10 Tokens
LiberationWin a game as a PsyOps OperativeWin 2 games (SR) OR Play 4 games (All)10 Tokens

Orb Mission

Orb missions are unlike the other PsyOps missions in that they aren’t linked together. Simply play 30 matchmade games and reap the sweet rewards.

Play 30 Games50 Tokens and PsyOps 2020 Orb

Additional Notes:

Riot Xenogenic has mentioned on his Twitter that, players without the pass will also be able to get 300 tokens from missions. He also stated, “because the event had to be shortened by 5 days, an additional mission will become available to pass owners that grants 150 tokens.”

Total token budget for PsyOps:

  • 300 from free missions
  • 200 from buying the event pass
  • 1000 from Wins of the Week
  • 150 extra from a mission closer to the end as they had to shorten the event 5 days

Total tokens from missions: 1650

psyops missions
PsyOps Yi Via Riot Games

Things You Can Unlock With Tokens

  • PsyOps 2020 Event Prestige Points Icon + 100 PP – 2200 Tokens
  • PsyOps Ezreal Prestige Edition + Icon – 2000 Tokens
  • PsyOps Master Yi Chroma (Hunter) + Icon – 300 Tokens
  • PsyOps Shen Chroma (Hunter) + Icon – 300 Tokens
  • PsyOps Vi Chroma (Hunter) + Icon – 300 Tokens
  • PsyOps Sona Chroma (Hunter) + Icon – 300 Tokens
  • PsyOps Ezreal Icon + Border – 250 Tokens
  • PsyOps Master Yi Icon + Border – 250 Tokens
  • PsyOps Shen Icon + Border – 250 Tokens
  • PsyOps Vi Icon + Border – 250 Tokens
  • PsyOps Sona Icon + Border – 250 Tokens
  • PsyOps Orb – 200 Tokens


  • Mystery Emote – 60 Tokens
  • Random Champion Shard – 50 Tokens
  • 3 Keys – 180 Tokens
  • 1 Key – 60 Tokens
  • 1 Key Fragment – 20 Tokens
  • 100 Blue Essence – 10 Tokens
  • 10 Blue Essence – 1 Token

Loot and Loot Bundles

For the PsyOps Event, players will get PsyOps Orb as loot. The PsyOps Orb will give players one random Skin Shard and a 2% chance to drop a PsyOps Grab Bag. PsyOps Grab Bags give:

  • 6 shards of any quality.
  • 3 shards of Epic quality (1350+) or higher. 

You’ll also see both your Gemstone and Mythic Skin permanent drop rates multiplied by 1.5. Get ahold of your loot in the Store:

  • 1 PsyOps Orb + 16 Tokens – 250 RP
  • 10 PsyOps Orbs + 1 Bonus Orb + 160 Tokens – 2500 RP
  • 25 PsyOps Orbs + 3 Bonus Orbs + 400 Tokens – 6250 RP
  • 50 PsyOps Orbs + 1 PsyOps Grab Bag + 800 Tokens – 12500 RP


The first set of PsyOps will feature new skins for Sona, Vi, Master Yi, Shen, and Ezreal. The new event will also have Hextech Ziggs who will be available for unlocking with 10 gemstones.

  • PsyOps Sona – 1820 RP
  • PsyOps Vi – 1350 RP
  • PsyOps Shen – 1350 RP
  • PsyOps Master Yi – 1350 RP
  • PsyOps Ezreal – 1350 RP


Each of the Chromas coming out for this release cost 290 RP, but note that some can only be found in specific ways, such as through loot or influencer exclusives. Any special Chromas will be marked accordingly.

  • PsyOps Sona – (Obsidian, Citrine, Emerald, Amethyst, Turquoise, Sapphire, [Loot Only] – Hunter)
  • PsyOps Vi – (Sandstone, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Granite, Tanzanite, [Loot Only] – Hunter)
  • PsyOps Shen – (Obsidian, Sandstone, Emerald, Tanzanite, Turquoise, Sapphire, [Loot Only] – Hunter)
  • PsyOps Master Yi – (Emerald, Tanzanite, Turquoise, Sandstone, Sapphire, Rose Quartz, [Loot Only] – Hunter)


  • Powering Up! – Mission Reward
  • I Will Crush You! – Mission Reward
  • Wait Until You See My Tricks! –  Mission Reward

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