Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Post-Game Unlockables

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a lot of post-game things you can do. Here we will be breaking down everything you can do in the post-game of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a big game that introduces us to the Paldea region. This is the first real open-world setting in a Pokemon game. So the world itself is massive. There are tons of things for you to do in the world too. Aside from collecting Pokemon, the game also introduces three different quests to keep the player busy.

No matter how the quests are and all, you will eventually reach the end of the game. And without an actual post-game to play through, the game ends at the end of the quest. However, Pokemon games have always done good post-game content. Scarlet and Violet also have a really good post-game you can play through. Here is everything you can unlock at post-game in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Post-Game Unlockables for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

There are a fair few unlockables in the post-game of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. And there are even more activities you can do as you unlock these things. So let us go through them one by one to see what post-game activities and unlockables you can get in the game.

Unlocking Koraidon and Miraidon Battle Form

After you have done all three main quests of the game, you will be granted access to use your mount in the battle. To use it in battle, you need to swap them in your party from the menu. Then after battle, you can swap it back at their position to use it as a ride.

Completing Pokedex and Shiny Charm

By the time you are done with the story quests, it is certain that you haven’t completed your Pokedex unless you are someone who will go out of their way to complete it before the final mission. So, in the post-game, you can hunt all of the Pokemon to complete the Pokedex. Once you complete all the Pokedex, you will receive the Shiny Charm. This help boosts the chance of encountering a shiny pokemon in the game.

shiny charm in pokemon scarlet and violet
Credit: Game Freak

The IV function

The IV function lets you see your Pokemon’s stat and how it has been developed throughout the battle. This option unlocks after you have completed the main game and seen the credits.

Gym Leader Rematches & Academy Ace Tournament

After completing the game and getting the master ball, you will be tasked with facing the gym leaders again. These rematches amp up the difficulty of the gym encounter, but his time, you don’t need to take the gym tests to battle the leaders. Doing this will unlock the Academy Ace Tournament.

6 Star Tera Raids

If you have been doing Tera Raids in your playthrough, you will have a lot of progress toward unlocking the six-star raids. But if you haven’t done any, do the lower-star Tera raids to unlock the six-star raids in the game. They give some pretty good rewards for clearing each one. Plus, they are post-game unlockables you can do after you finish the game.

tera raids in pokemon scarlet and violet
Credit: Game Freak

Catch Legendary and Sub-Legendary Pokemon

While it doesn’t unlock anything, legendary and sub-legendary Pokemon are needed to fill out your Pokedex. So in the post-game, you can hunt them down and catch them to progress toward the goal of completing your Pokedex.

Shiny Pokemon Hunting

This is another thing that doesn’t have any rewards or unlocks for the post-game. But if you are a shiny collector, this is an excellent way to spend some time in the post-game. Make sure to use the shiny charm and sandwich to boost the rate of shinies in the game.

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