Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Fastest Ways to Level Up Pokemon to Level 100

Learn the fastest ways to level up your Pokemon to the max in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

There will never be any less demand for XP, and there is no harm in storing XP more than you need. However, storing XP is not an easy task as well. You need focus, commitment, and sheer will. You see what I did there?

Leave it at that. Now, the Pokemon you have will always make you feel like they are underdeveloped and their level is not enough for them. And to tackle that issue, we have come up with the fastest ways you can level up your Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These strategies are easy; they are free. Hop in!

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Fastest Ways to Level Up in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Before we get into the depth, it will be better for you if you already have a Lucky Egg in your possession. It will give an extra boost of XP whenever and from wherever you are farming XP. Lucky Egg is available after you beat the Fifth Gym leader. Now, off to the main theme.

Revisit the Gym Leaders

They have accepted their defeat. However, they will always welcome you for a rematch. But take note, it will be harder than ever. Needless to say, you will have to be prepared more than ever. These battles will give you plenty of XP to boost up the level of your Pokemon.

AAT (Academy Ace Tournament)

Defeating all the Gym leaders for a consecutive second time will give you access to Academy Ace Tournament. This is one of the major sources to get XP. Get into this tournament as much as possible and see a stream of XP and money. We need them both.

Chase Chansey

Chansey is a rare Pokemon. Needless to say, how much XP you can have from defeating a Rare piece. Moreover, if you encounter a Blissey, the evolved form of Chansey, you will earn XP more than you could have gotten from the normal ones. However, you should know a couple of things before chasing down a Chansey.

To ensure consecutive encounters with Chansey, I will suggest consuming Sandwiches. There are Master Potato, Egg, and Refreshing Sandwiches. Consuming them will give you a buff for 30 minutes, making the Chansey spawn over and over, making their Rare status to Common.

Chansey are usually found in the Northeastern and the Southwestern areas. As soon as you encounter one, go for the old-school method of catching one. You are set here.

Raiders of Tera

You must have seen those shiny crystals on your way. Upon interacting, you enter into a raid that will make you fight with Pokemon that are Terastalized. It means they are buff-er, stronger, and more tactician than they ever were. The higher the level of the star, the higher the difficulty level, and the higher the rewards are.

You will get XP candies after you are finished with these raids. The bigger the candy, the bigger the allotted XP. Say, for an M, L, and XL XP candy, you will get 3k, 10k, and 30k XP consecutively. Needless to say, how tough these raids can be.

And these are the fastest ways to farm XP for your Pokemon if you want to level up to the max in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Before you leave, have a look at our exciting guides from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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