Players are Already Asking for Nerf to Ash’s Passive Ability, an Apex Legends Dev Responds

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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The highly anticipated new season 11 of Apex Legends is finally here, and as it is customary at this point, the player base is already asking Respawn to make quick balancing changes regarding the new legend Ash.

Note: You are reading an old article from 2021. So, the information may not be up-to-date.

Following the launch of season 11, it was pretty clear that Respawn took their time to make sure the new season was released without any major issues, as this was a valid concern from the Apex community before the new season started.

While most players and content creators agreed the new season launch was really smooth, some are still arguing that Respawn needs to make some quick adjustments to the new character Ash, who was launched alongside the new seasonal update.

The new Legend Ash’s passive “Marked for Death” enables her to scan players’ locations in real-time. As such, players only need to scan death boxes to reveal the position of other party members who are still in the game.

Ash's passive ability
Image via Respawn

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Streamers React to New Season 11

Most players stated that the new season has been a breeze so far. However, the only problems plaguing the servers are Ash and her passive ability. Since Ash’s passive can track players and give information about a player’s position all around the map, it can be too frustrating to deal with sometimes.

“Ash passive seeing fights all around the map is WAYYY TO MUCH INFORMATION,”, Nokokopuffs stated.

Aside from all the Ash-related issues, the new season still has the same and, in some cases, worse audio-related issues that can affect the game for many players. Also, there is a distinguishable delay between interacting with some element in the game world and the audio cue that should play afterward.

Apex Legends Dev Responds

Josh Medina, who is a producer at Respawn Entertainment, explained that it is still too early to ask for any balancing changes since the game has not been out for a whole day. In short, more feedback is required for the developers to come to some sort of conclusion about whether Ash’s passive actually needs a nerf or not.

Based on all the feedback from the player base, it is safe to assume that a small patch addressing some minor issues could be in the works at Respawn. But Respawn hasn’t made any official announcement regarding any potential patch as of this writing.

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