Apex Legends X Rebranded Market collab skins: First Look, Release Date, Price, and More

We finally have more information regarding the rebranded “Market” collab skins in Apex Legends.

This collaboration between the popular LA-based streetwear brand “China Town Market” and Respawn Entertainment has been a troubled one since they had to delay the release of the skin bundle due to unfortunate circumstances.

As China Town Market decided to rebrand their business to only “Market”, the original release window for this collaboration had to be postponed. And seems like players who were dying to get their hands on this drip will not have to wait long since the recent leak suggests we might finally get these skins within season 11 of Apex Legends.

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Respawn usually loves to release new skin lines alongside collection events with a certain theme. However, for the Market collaboration skins, Respawn went all out and brought the swag of streetwear straight into the game. Suffices to say that Apex Legends players have been waiting a long time for this skin line. For the right audience, these skins are a must-have.

Apex X Market collab skins

“Mic Check” Lifeline

"Chinatown Market" Lifeline: Mic Check
Image via Shrugtal

“Sundown Desperado” Bloodhound

"Chinatown Market" Bloodhound: Sundown Desperado
Image via Shrugtal

“Ringside” Wraith

"Chinatown Market" Wraith: Ringside
Image via Shrugtal

“Night Crawler” Mirage

"Chinatown Market" Mirage: Night Crawler
Image via Shrugtal

“Booming System” Gibraltar

"Booming System" Gibraltar
Image via Shrugtal

Just a reminder, this Gibraltar skin is not part of the collab but it will come alongside the Market drop.

“Beat Dropper” R99

"Beat Dropper" R99
Image via Shrugtal

Similar to the Gibraltar skin, this R99 skin is also not a part of the collab but it will come alongside the Market drop.

Apex X Market collab skins Price:


Although expect each individual skin to go for 2000 Apex coins which equate to around $20 dollars.

Apex X Market collab Skins Release Date:

The new Market collab skins will hit the store on November 9th, 2021.

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