Apex Legends X Chinatown Market collab skins, release date, and more

A recent leak from a pretty reliable Apex Legends data miner suggests Respawn is currently working on a collab with popular streetwear brand the Chinatown Market.

For this collab with the LA-based streetwear company, Respawn has already made some amusing-looking skin bundles featuring the unique Chinatown Market designs. This new skin bundle will arrive shortly after the Chaos Theory collection event.

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So, players won’t have to wait that long to get their hands on these skins. According to the leaks, this will just be a skin line sale and there won’t be any new exclusive game mode for this collab. Also, all the skins are aptly named “Drip Bundle” in the game files.

Apex X Chinatown Market collab skins

“Chinatown Market” Lifeline: Mic Check

"Chinatown Market" Lifeline: Mic Check
Image via Shrugtal

“Chinatown Market” Bloodhound: Sundown Desperado

"Chinatown Market" Bloodhound: Sundown Desperado
Image via Shrugtal

“Chinatown Market” Wraith: Ringside

"Chinatown Market" Wraith: Ringside
Image via Shrugtal

“Chinatown Market” Mirage: Night Crawler

"Chinatown Market" Mirage: Night Crawler
Image via Shrugtal

Apex Legends X Chinatown Market collab release date

According to leaks, the Chinatown Market sale could start as soon as March 27th and end on April 13th. However, take these dates with a grain of salt as nothing has been officially confirmed by Respawn, as of writing.

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Players are already drooling over these new skins. They bring some style back into Apex Legends. Streetwear fiends will definitely buy up all these skins upon release. We’ll also update this article with more information regarding the collaboration as soon as it is revealed.

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