Apex Legends “War Games” Event: skins, release date, game mode, and more

A new leak already revealed some crucial details regarding the upcoming event in Apex Legends.

According to the leaks, the next event after the current Chaos Theory collection event will be called “War Games”. And it will feature recolors of skins that were originally released in the Iron Crown event back in 2019.

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The leak also gave a possible date for the event alongside a closer look at all the upcoming skin recolors. Since many in the community were waiting for the Iron Crown event skins to return to the store, this might be their only chance to get them.

Apex War Games Event Release Date

So the leak suggests the “War Games” event will take place after the current collection event on April 13th and will last until April 27th.

The skins will apparently be bundled with the original skins, similar to what they did with the Halloween 2020 skin bundles.

Apex War Games Skins:

Wraith “War Games” skin: Queen’s Guard

Wraith "War Games" skin: Queen's Guard
Image via Shrugtal

Revenant “War Games” skin: Guerilla Ghoul

Revenant "War Games" skin: Guerilla Ghoul
Image via Shrugtal

Lifeline “War Games” skin: Ghost Stalker

Lifeline "War Games" skin: Ghost Stalker
Image via Shrugtal

Gibraltar “War Games” skin: Blood and Thunder

Gibraltar "War Games" skin: Blood and Thunder
Image via Shrugtal

Bloodhound “War Games” skin: Royal Huntsmaster

Bloodhound "War Games" skin: Royal Huntsmaster
Image via Shrugtal

Pathfinder “War Games” skin: The Burgundy Knight

Pathfinder "War Games" skin: The Burgundy Knight
Image via Shrugtal

Mirage “War Games” skin: Swish-buckler

Mirage "War Games" skin: Swish-buckler
Image via Shrugtal

War Games mode details

Leak suggests “War Games” event might have multiple smaller game modes similar to the Arcade event. Details regarding each individual game mode have been revealed by Biast12 who is a pretty reliable data miner in Apex Legends.

“WAR GAMES: KILLING TIME” About: “Round Time is erased everytime a Legend is eliminated”

“WAR GAMES: FLARE UP” About: “Short-lived Ring Flares spawn in batches throughout each round”

“WAR GAMES: ARMED DROP” About: “Legends start with a Loadout. Drop in hot packing heat and consumables!”

“WAR GAMES: ARMOR REGEN” About: “Shields regenerate after not taking damage for a short period.”

“WAR GAMES: AUTO BANNERS” About: “Banner Cards are auto-retrieved. Loot pool is loaded with Mobile Respawn Beacons.”

“WAR GAMES: SECOND CHANCE” About: “Each Legend respawns above the position they were eliminated once per match”

“WAR GAMES: ULTRA ZONES” About: “Multiple Hot Zones exist simultaneously, each is enveloped in a Flash Point.”

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This is all we know regarding this upcoming game mode. We will update this article with more relevant information as soon as it is revealed.

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