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Complete every side quest in Persona 5 Royal by taking care of all Mementos Requests sent to the Phantom Thieves.

Persona 5 Royal is part of Atlus’s insanely-beloved turn-based JRPG franchise – Persona. The game features a charming protagonist, Joker, who gains the ability to summon personas and eventually becomes the leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

The teen vigilante group explores the cognitive world and steals the “treasures” of the most corrupt individuals in Japan. Once the source of their warped desires is stolen, the evil-doers have a change of heart and confess their crimes to the world.

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As more and more people have their hearts changed, the world starts to take notice of the Phantom Thieves and become fans of their work. Since the group’s methods are unknown, law enforcement perceives The Phantom Thieves as criminals. So, you will have to gain the general public’s favor to continue your work as the Phantom Thieves.

One of your Confidants, Mishima, extends his help by creating an online forum named Phansite that allows the general public to post their change-of-heart requests to the Phantom Thieves. And completing these requests will increase the public’s favorability towards you. You can complete these quests while exploring Mementos.

These requests generally involve changing the hearts of small fries like an abusive ex, school bully, and so forth. All JRPGs tend to have an abundance of side quests. And so, these Requests serve as the side quests for Persona 5 Royal. While most requests can be accepted through the forum after a particular date, some requests are only unlocked by leveling up certain Confidant ranks. This guide will help you complete all the Mementos Requests in Persona 5 Royal.

What is Mementos in P5R?

What is Mementos in P5R?
Credit: Atlus

In Persona 5 Royal, the wishes of extremely distorted hearts manifest into Palaces. However, one’s heart must be twisted to the extreme to become an owner of such a Palace. For an average person with little ill intentions, these thoughts gather at a shared Palace called Mementos. In other words, Mementos is the general public’s Palace.

All Mementos Paths in P5R

When you receive a change-of-heart request, you have to search for the evil person’s shadow in the depths of Mementos. The depth of Mementos branches off in “Paths,” with each path having multiple levels called Areas. Moreover, you’ll also find Rest Areas in between to heal up and change your party lineup. Below are all the Paths you’ll have to complete in Mementos:

  • Path of Qimranut: 2 areas
  • Path of Aiyatsbus: 7 areas with one rest area in Area 4
  • Path of Chemdah: 8 areas with one rest area in Area 5
  • Path of Kaitul: 10 areas with one rest area in Area 6
  • Path of Akzeriyyuth: 12 areas with two rest areas in Area 4 and Area 8
  • Path of Adyeshach: 13 areas with two rest areas in Area 5 and Area 9
  • Path of Sheriruth: 14 areas with two rest areas in Area 6 and Area 10
  • Path of Iweleth: 1 area (Depth of Mementos: Holy Grail Boss area)
  • Path of Da’at (True Ending Only): 15 areas with the Cognition Control Room and two rest areas in Area 5 and Area 11

List of All Mementos Requests in P5R

List of All Mementos Requests in P5R
Credit: Atlus

There are a total of 26 Mementos Requests that you can complete in Persona 5 Royal. We have listed them below, along with where to find them, the enemy’s weaknesses, unlock requirements, and rewards.

Path of Qimranut Mementos Requests

There’s only 1 Mementos request in the Path of Qimranut.

RequestAreaShadowWeaknessesUnlock Date/RequirementReward(s)
Beware the Clingy Ex-boyfriendQimranut AreaShadow Nakanohara (Obariyon)Elec
Adhered Pearl
List of Path of Qimranut Mementos Requests

Path of Aiyatsbus Mementos Requests

There are 5 Mementos requests in the Path of Aiyatsbus.

RequestAreaShadowWeaknessesUnlock Date/RequirementReward(s)
The Bark and Bite of a BullyAiyatsbus Area 2Shadow Takanashi (Jack Frost)Confuse5/9Protein
An Elderly’s Meaning of LifeAiyatsbus Area 3Shadow Ono (Koropokkuru)Fire6/5
Check Mishima’s SNS
Ambient Aid Ring
One Who Bullies BulliesAiyatsbus Area 5Shadow Sakoda (Black Frost)BlessReach Moon Confidant Rank 3;
Must listen to Takanashi and Sakoda near School Gate
Evil Snow Crystal
If Cats Disappeared from the CityAiyatsbus Area 6Shadow Aino (Nekomata)Wind5/25
Must clear the Museum of Vanity Palace first
Blood Scimitar
Sadism Is Just a Sign of LoveAiyatsbus Area 7Shadow Shimizu (Yaksini)Fire
6/6Whip Sword
List of Path of Aiyatsbus Mementos Requests

Path of Chemdah Mementos Requests

There are 6 Mementos requests in the Path of Chemdah.

RequestAreaShadowWeaknessesUnlock Date/RequirementReward(s)
Part-time Job, Full-time HellChemdah Area 1Shadow Odo (Setanta)ConfuseReach Moon Confidant Rank 4Chinese Sweets (Book)
Bad MedicineChemdah Area 2Shadow Oyamada (Thoth)ConfuseReach Death Confidant Rank 7Mediarama (Skill Card)
Ending the Boyfriend’s AbuseChemdah Area 3Shadow Uchimara (Fuu-Ki)Psy
Confront Chihaya Mifune (Fortune Confidant) after paying 100,000 Yen.Sleep Stick
Phantom Thieves VS Burglary RingChemdah Area 4Shadow Makigami (Mithras)Curse (for Mithras)
Confuse, Ice, Bless (for Onmoraki)
6/18 Old Keys;
Summon Onmoraki and Oni
A Teacher Maid to SufferChemdah Area 7Shadow Mrs. Takase (Titania)

Shadow Makigami (Mithras)
Fire (for Titania)

Psy, Confuse (for Mithras)
Reach Temperance Confidant Rank 8Envy Chain
The Lovesick Cyberstalking GirlChemdah Area 8Shadow Mogami (Bugbear)None7/10 Sticky Hairball
List of Path of Chemdah Mementos Requests

Path of Akzeriyyuth Mementos Requests

There are 4 Mementos requests in the Path of Akzeriyyuth.

RequestAreaShadowWeaknessesUnlock Date/RequirementReward(s)
Man of Many Faces and DebtsAkzeriyyuth Area 3Shadow Akitsu (Legion)Elec,Confuse8/19
Reach Moon Confidant Rank 8
Thermopylae (Skill Card)
Winners Don’t Use CheatsAkzeriyyuth Area 5Shadow Nejima (Ose)Gun (Down Shot only)9/14
Reach Tower Confidant Rank 1
Null Physical (Skill Card)
Upstaging the Stage MotherAkzeriyyuth Area 6Shadow Togo (Lilim)BlessReach Star Confidant Rank 7Bead Chain
The Killer Who Cleans Up TrashAkzeriyyuth Area 12Shadow Kiritani (Rakshasa)None10/14High Counter (Skill Card)
List of Path of Akzeriyyuth Mementos Requests

Path of Adyeshach Mementos Requests

There are 4 Mementos requests in the Path of Adyeshach.

RequestAreaShadowWeaknessesUnlock Date/RequirementReward(s)
The Money-grubbing UncleAdyeshach Area ?Shadow Isshiki (Girimekhala)Confuse12/10
Reach Hierophant Confidant 8
(Joker and Oracle fight only)
Venture Saber
Daughter’s Just a Meal TicketAdyeshach Area 3Shadow Mr. Magario (Incubus)

Shadow Ms. Magario (Succubus)

Reach Hermit Confidant Rank 7Growth 3 (Skill Card)
A Mother’s AggressionAdyeshach Area 11Shadow Oda (Dakini)FireReach Tower Confidant Rank 8Soma
Swindling Old Folk is Pretty LowAdyeshach Area 13Shadow Wakasa (Chernobog)Confuse11/25Haten Robe
List of Path of Adyeshach Mementos Requests

Path of Sheriruth Mementos Requests

There are 2 Mementos requests in the Path of Sheriruth.

RequestAreaShadowWeaknessesUnlock Date/RequirementReward(s)
Lady-Killer’s BalladSheriruth Area 8Shadow Arihara (Tam Lin)None12/10Agitation Crown
The Head Honcho in ShowbizSheriruth Area 14Shadow Asakura (Mara)Nuke12/3
Must clear the Cruiser of Pride palace first
Immortal Vest
List of Path of Sheriruth Mementos Requests

Path of Da’at Mementos Requests

There are 10 Mementos requests in the Path of Da’at, some of which are older requests that can be accessed during the third semester in case you fail to clear them earlier. As such, only 4 Mementos requests in this list are unique to Path of Da’at (Third semester).

RequestAreaShadowWeaknessesUnlock Date/RequirementReward(s)
Sadism Is Just a Sign of LoveDa’at Area 1Shadow Shimizu (Yaksini)Fire
6/6 Whip Sword
The Lovesick Cyberstalking GirlDa’at Area 2Shadow Mogami (Bugbear)None7/10Sticky Hairball
A Small Cry for Help (Third Semester only)Da’at Area 3Shadow Kagami (Rangda)Bless1/13
Check Futaba SNS;
Reach 3rd Semester
Mamudoon Ring
Who’s Muscling in Yongen-Jaya?Da’at Area 6Shaow Jochi (Ippon-Datara)Elec
8/30Shitamachi Reborn (Book)
O My Young Sister, I Cry For You (Third Semester only)Da’at Area 7Shadow Minamoto (Yoshitsune)None1/14
Check Mishima SNS;
Reach 3rd Semester
Strength Incense x8
The Killer Who Cleans Up TrashDa’at Area 9Shadow Kiritani (Rakshasa)None10/14High Counter (Skill Card)
Swindling Old Folk is Pretty LowDa’at Area 12Shadow Wakasa (Chernobog)Confuse11/25Haten Robe
An Idol and a Unicorn (Third Semester only)Da’at Area 13Shadow Fuwa (Unicorn)CurseMust clear the Center of Melancholy palace and enter Mementos the next day;

Must listen to Lily-Nyan and Fuwa after getting an SNS;

Only appears on days that don’t have rainy or cold weather.
One Shot Kill (Skill Card)
The Head Honcho in ShowbizDa’at Area 14Shadow Asakura (Mara)Nuke12/3
Must clear the Cruiser of Pride palace first.
Immortal Vest
Fake-Man Show (Third Semester only)Da’at Area 15Shadow Amasaki (Macabre)BlessMust clear the Center of Melancholy Palace and enter Mementos the next day.

Must listen to Kichijoji residents and a pair of students after getting an SNS.

The request happens after school in case of rainy or cold weather.
Ailment Boost Ring;
Summon Legion.
List of Da’at Mementos Requests.

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