Persona 5 Royal: How to Unlock True Ending

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Getting a false or bad ending in Persona 5 Royal often comes with no warning. So keep reading to learn what you must do to see through the story’s true ending.

Atlus is famous for bringing definitive editions of their games, which often include major additional story content or new characters. For example, Persona 3 FES included a new story branch named “The Answer,” and Persona 4 Golden added a new character named Marie, who had her own dungeon and character arc. Similarly, Persona 5 Royal is the definitive edition of Atlus’s Persona 5, which includes new characters, new story content, and new dungeons.

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Instead of adding just one new character to the roster, Persona 5 Royal brought three! They are Kasumi Yoshizawa, a first-year transfer student; Takuto Maruki, a student counselor at Shujin Academy; and Jose, a mysterious being exploring Mementos in search of special flowers. However, Jose is not a Confidant and only has a minor role in the overall setting.

On the other hand, Kasumi, Maruki sensei, and Akechi play a vital role in paving the path toward the true ending in Persona 5 Royal. The true ending of Persona 5 Royal can only be unlocked by maximizing the confidant ranks of these three characters before the events of Persona 5 vanilla’s true ending, which involves fighting the mighty Yaldabaoth at the very end of Mementos.

True Ending Unlocking Conditions in P5R

Persona 5 Royal is pretty strict about deadlines. That’s why you must reach the following Confidant Ranks with Maruki sensei, Akechi, and Kasumi by the dates mentioned below to unlock the game’s true ending route:

  • Takuto Maruki (Councillor) – Reach Confidant Rank 9 by 11/18 [November 18]
  • Goro Akechi (Justice) – Reach Confidant Rank 8 by 11/24 [November 24]
  • Kasumi (Sumire) Yoshizawa (Faith) – Reach Confidant Rank 5 by 12/18 [December 18]

P5R Maruki Availability

Maruki sensei is available on school days such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday (Daytime only). He can be found standing outside the Nurse’s Office in Practice Building 1-F.

P5R Akechi Availability

Akechi’s availability keeps changing.

  • June (6/10) to mid-July: Wednesday and Saturday (Cafe Leblanc – Night only)
  • Mid-July to August: Tuesday and Saturday (Penguin Darts & Billiards Club, Kichijou – Day and Night)
  • September (9/3) to October (10/22): Wednesday and Saturday (Cafe Leblanc – Night only)
  • November (11/2 onwards): Wednesday and Saturday (Penguin Darts & Billiards Club, Kichijou – Night only)

P5R Kasumi Availability

Kasumi, or Sumire, has a very strict appearance schedule, as she only appears on Wednesdays during September, October, and November. She can be found during lunchtime on School Days and in Kichijoji after school.

  • June – Only Wednesdays
  • July and August – Thursdays and Sundays
  • September, October, and November – Only Wednesdays
  • December – Thursdays and Sundays

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