Patch 10.22 Adjustments: Annie Support Changes, Massive Buffs to Brand, Ashe, Jinx, and Nasus

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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League of Legends patch 10.22 will open up support role for Annie while Brand, Ashe, Jinx, and Nasus will be getting some big adjustments.

Season 11 preseason is just around the corner with all the new item updates, new item class, and item system overhaul. Moreover, in less than a month, Season 10’s Ranked mode is also coming to an end.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has now previewed the last patch before the preseason. And it seems like, they are opening up Annie support by giving her the ability to cast her E ability on allies now. Furthermore, in patch 10.22, Riot is also bringing in big changes to Brand, and Nasus.

Annie Support Changes Patch 10.22

Molten Shield (E):

  • Damage reduction >>> 40-240 (+40% AP) shield for 3 seconds
  • Mana cost: 20 >>> 40
  • [NEW] Can now be cast on self or ally within 800 range

From the upcoming patch 10.22, Annie will be able to cast her Molten Shield to her allies as well. And according to Riot Scruffy, this should “Open up” the support role for Annie. Even though the mana cost of her E has increased by 20, she can now give 40 to 240 shield based on levels which also has a 40% AP ratio.

These changes in patch 10.22 will definitely make her role more diverse as currently she is only played in the mid lane while having a 3% pick rate.

Brand Changes Patch 10.22

  • Passive:
    • Explosion damage: 12-16% (1.5% per 100 AP) >>> 10-14% (2% per 100 AP)
  • E:
    • [NEW] Always spreads to nearby enemies
    • Spread range: 375 >>> 300
    • Blaze effect doubles spread range to 600
  • R:
    • [NEW] Can now bounce to Brand

Brand’s E, Conflagration will now always spreads to nearby enemies. Even though its range is now lowered, the Blaze effect’s range has increased to 600. The major buff that Riot is bringing in patch 10.22 is, Brand ultimate can now bounce to Brand as well. This will definitely help him doing all the 1v1 more effectively now.

As Brand is mainly played in the Support role, according to Riot, these new changes or buffs will open up his role in the Mid lane as well.

Nasus Buffs Patch 10.22

  • Fury of the Sands (R):
    • Bonus resists: 15-55 >>> 40-70
    • No longer gains 1-3 resistance per second

Nasus will now have 40 to 70 bonus Bonus resists every time he cast his ultimate. Nasus currently only has a 2.6% pick rate in the Top lane and with these new buffs, he might come back in the meta before the preseason.

Ashe Adjustments Patch 10.22

  • Volley (W):
    • Fires: 9 >>> 7-11 arrows (by rank)

Because of being one of the most dominant ADC in the last couple of patches, Ashe was undergone with multiple nerfs in patch 10.16 and 10.18. However, she still has a massive 19.6% pick rate in the soloq while having a 51.08% win rate. But for the upcoming patch 10.22, Riot is buffing her W making it fire 7 to 11 arrows based on her level.

Jinx Buffs Patch 10.22

  • Flame Chompers! (E):
    • Traps deal full damage immediately instead of over 1.5 seconds

Jinx is also getting a small adjustment or buff where her E, Flame Chompers! now deal the full damage immediately.

All the new changes will hit PBE soon for testing and scheduled to go live on patch 10.22, Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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