Only 3,050 people have perfect Pick’em after the Group Stage of Worlds 2020

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Image Via Riot Games

The group stage of Worlds 2020 has settled down and only 3,050 people have perfect Pick’em after that.

Just like every other year, Riot Games has also arranged Pick’em for the Worlds 2020 as well. Since its start on September 30, more than 3 million people have participated in Pick’em to complete the Pick’em missions and try out their luck to win the ultimate reward for guessing everything correctly.

Even though so many people have participated in this year’s Pick’em, after the Group Stage of Worlds 2020 only 3,050 people have the perfect Pick’em. Which is just 0.095% of the total participants.

Here’s the Pick’em Leaderboards after the Group Stage:

Pick’em result
Pick’em leaderboards via Riot Games

In the Worlds 2020 group stage, we have seen some of the best matches League of Legends has to offer and some big upsets. The majority of Pick’em were shattered when Suning managed to secure the first place from G2 Esports in group A as most of them predicted the LEC’s first seed to achieve it instead.

Furthermore, after group B’s conclusion, only 1.8 percent of people had perfect Pick’em as the majority of them didn’t expect PSG Talon to outperform Rogue in the group stages. Group C’s matches however were pretty much predictable but only a few people expected to see such a bad performance from TSM as they went 0-6 in the group stage.

And now, after the end of the group stage with Group D’s matches, only 0.095% of 3.2 million people have perfect Pick’em in Worlds 2020.

The Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals matches kick off October 15, and we still have to wait to see if anyone is going to have the perfect Pick’em this year or not.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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