Oceanview Hotel Map Location: Alan Wake 2

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Find the Hotel Map in no time!

Alan Wake 2 is finally here to hook you up with survival feats and murder mysteries. This time, you will venture into two separate dimensions, playing either Alan Wake or FBI agent Saga Anderson. Playing as Alan Wake, you will try to survive The Dark Place, a world full of anomalies and mysteries. And in your quest to get out of that world, you will face major difficulties locating your objectives. On such a mission, you will have to locate the Oceanview Hotel and carry out some objectives inside.

You will have to locate the map of the Oceanview Hotel in order to roam around and locate your targets easily. But entering the hotel alone can be very confusing, let alone finding the map. So, without further ado, let us delve into our guide, helping with the Oceanview Hotel Map Location in Alan Wake 2.

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Oceanview Hotel Map Location in Alan Wake 2

Oceanview Hotel Map Location: Alan Wake 2
Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment

You will find the Oceanview Hotel at the northmost part of your map. Upon reaching there, you will find the front door, but unfortunately, this entrance will not let you get inside. Instead, head to your right, and you will find an alley with a neon-lit sign in the distance. The sign reads Mirror Peak Bar; look out for it, get into the alley, and then take a sharp left and a right. Next, look for another Mirror Peak Bar sign; this time, you will see a door beneath the sign.

Open the door and get inside. Take the stairs in front of you, and you will end up on a rooftop. There, you will come across a number of ladders and stairs; make your way up, and eventually, you will end up in front of a door. The entrance will ask for a key code, which will be 2550. After that, get inside, and you will find yourself inside the Oceanview Hotel.

Now, entering the Hotel, you will find an elevator to your right. Hop into the elevator, and it will take you to the Entrance hall. After getting out, head straight, and you will reach a door to a room. Enter the room, head left, and you will find the map hanging at the left corner of the wall.

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