Witchfinders Station Computer Password: Alan Wake 2

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If you are looking for the solution to the Witchfinders Station Computer Password, this guide is for you.

Alan Wake 2 takes the players to a different world of horror survival games. The game has lived up to the hype and added a new level to the psycho-horror-thriller-and-more genre. Throughout the game’s story, the players will explore several thrilling mysteries, stories, and characters and solve several puzzles. Some puzzles may contain creepy elements, while others are as typical as they should be.

Throughout the plot, you will be required to explore new places and unlock clues to solve mysteries. And sometimes later, you will end up in Witchfinder’s Station—somewhere in the story, for sure. You will find a computer that you have to unlock. Unlocking this computer is important to investigate the nursery rhymes and who is behind them. If you have failed to get the password, don’t worry; this guide will show you the Witchfinders Station computer password and how to get it.

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How to Find Witchfinders Station Computer Password

Witchfinders Station Computer Password Solution

To unlock the Witchfinder Station computer, you will need a six-digit password. Though the password is posted somewhere close to your location, it is tough to miss, considering the dark environment of the Witchfinders Station.

If you look carefully at the bottom panel of the computer, you will see a yellow sticky note. On the sticky note, you will find the computer’s password, which is 2547. The password writing can be hard to notice, mainly due to the lighting mechanics of the game, so try to look carefully and maybe change the position of where you put your torch.

Once you have found the password from the sticky note, put it on the Witchfinders Station computer, and you will unlock it. You will find two emails that are key items for the plot. The emails will reveal which doll you need for the nursery rhymes and who is behind the nursery rhymes.

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