Oceanview Hotel Door Code: Alan Wake 2

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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If you are looking for Oceanview Hotel Door Code in Alan Wake 2, then your search for the code ends here. You’ll find the exact code in this guide.

Are you stuck outside the Oceanview Hotel door in Alan Wake 2? Don’t know how to rack your brain trying to decipher the code that will grant you access inside? Don’t you worry. I’m here to save the day.

The door looms before you, taunting your fruitless attempts to gain entry. You can hear shadows whispering at the edge of your vision, telling you to turn around. But you know the truth lies within these walls. If only you could uncover the secret combination.

Scouring every inch of the hotel’s exterior provides no clues, no numbers etched into the brickwork. Frustrated, you’re drawn to a faded sign advertising the Mirror Peak Bar. Now without further ado, hop right in!

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Oceanview Hotel Door Code in Alan Wake 2

The Oceanview Hotel looms before you, its secrets locked behind an impenetrable door. To uncover the truth within, you must first crack the code. Follow these steps to find the passcode and unlock the door:

Uncover the hidden back

You need to abandon the deceitful main entrance. The hotel seeks to trap you in an endless loop, spitting you back outside each time you attempt entry. You must uncover the hidden back way in.

How to find the bar?

Seek out the Mirror Peak signs, your guiding stars in this bleak landscape. Trace their neon glow through alleyways and up fire escapes, moving ever closer to your goal. Beware of the shadows that grasp at your heels.

Location on the map of the Locked Door in Oceanview Hotel
Location on the map of the Locked Door in Oceanview Hotel (Credit: Alan Wake 2)

What to scan?

When you find the bar, shine your light on its interior. In the beam’s radiance, a menu appears on the back wall, listing drinks and their prices. Scan for the Oceanview Cocktail – .50. The passcode will appear.

The actual code

What is the answer to the Oceanview Hotel Door Code in Alan Wake 2? The code is 2550 for the Oceanview Hotel Door in Alan Wake 2.

Code of the Locked Door in Oceanview Hotel
Code of the Locked Door in Oceanview Hotel (Credit: Alan Wake 2)

How to use the code?

Return to the hotel’s rooftop entrance, heart pounding. Input those fateful numbers – 2550. The lock opens. You’re in.

GameRiv - Oceanview Hotel Door Code

Your destiny is within reach. Follow the signs, trust your light, and unravel the Oceanview Hotel’s mysteries. The code is 2550 – just copy and paste the code and Voilà, the door is open!

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