Locations of All Weapons: Alan Wake 2

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Locations of All Weapons: Alan Wake 2

Weapons are necessary to win against the evil enemies in Alan Wake 2 besides your Flashlight. We will show you all the Weapon Locations of the game in this guide.

As you will take on the role of Saga Anderson, or eventually, Alan Wake, you will have to get through each of their own story, and discover their elements. As you start the story, you will be getting along with the detective. From the very first, you will find out how Alan Wake 2 goes from a slow-burning psychological horror to frantic survival horror action that kept us waiting for a decade.

It won’t be easy to find the clues for your cases, though. For the investigation module to go well, you will need to get supplies and weapons and communicate with the town folks. So if you have issues with touching grass, boy, do I have something for you. However, in any case, the in-game mechanics are quite complex, let alone talk about the story.

Now, to scare off the predators, Takens, and other ones, you will need weapons for both Alan and Saga. Of course, both of their weapons have different purposes to fulfill. So here, I will be guiding you today on your conquest to find all the weapons. Hop in!

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Locations of All Weapon in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake

Alan, the mastermind himself, has various weapons like Revolver, Flare Guns, etc. Each of the gears can be found at different locations.


Start Chapter: Initiation 2 – Casey. Once you start this act, you will have to find The Dark Place in the alleyway. As you reach that place, a cutscene will be shown, and you will get the Revolver.

Flair Gun

In Chapter Initiation 4 – We Sing, head over to Talk Show Studio and complete puzzles to get the Flair Gun at the end.

Double-barreled Shotgun

Start Chapter: Initiation 5—Room 665and go to the Oceanview Hotel. Once you reach there, go to the rooftop and find the closed bar. Here, you will be given a puzzle. Finish the puzzle by using the clues and the angel lamp. And at the end, you will earn the weapon.

Saga Anderson

All the weapons of Saga are listed below;


Start Chapter: Return 1 – Invitation, and you will find the weapon automatically by default.

Sawed-off Shotgun

Get this weapon by starting Chapter 2: The Heart. Head to Cauldron Lake and enter the General Goods Store to defeat an enemy. There, you will see the weapon in the glass case. In the meantime, some Takens might cause some havoc, but you can clean up the mess real quick. There will be an additional puzzle to complete the quest. The solution to the combination should be 739.


Get this exclusive weapon after getting to Chapter 3: Return to the local girl. Visit the northeast region of the map and find Watery. As you reach the place, you will have a puzzle with numbers on the poles. I believe there is another puzzle, as last time. I am not telling you this time.

Hunting Rifle

Start Chapter 5: Return to the Old Gods and get to the Security Room of the Wellness Center. There will be a puzzle with the day, month, and year. Take your time and solve the puzzle.

Your work is not done here; get to the receptionist’s office near the puzzle area, grab the doorknob from the table, and finally place it on the door. After that, you will get the rifle from the locker in the game. However, the solution to the puzzle is 17-08-23.

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