How to Do The Infinite 1-UP in Super Mario Bros Wonder?

Abu Bakar Karim
By Abu Bakar Karim
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How to Do The Infinite 1-UP in Super Mario Bros Wonder?

The infinite 1-UP in Super Mario Bros Wonder is the best thing you can exploit on this weekend!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder came to triumph over innovation and creativity. Even though it cooked the same familiar formula of the Super Mario series, devs tried a shot and imbued it with a unique sense of adventure as it added a new dimension to the gameplay.

Remind you that these new mechanics are not merely gimmicks; they are cleverly incorporated into the design that gave the output of a challenging and rewarding puzzles and obstacles. Which can be clearly observed as Super Mario Bros Wonder has some of the finest level design in the series.

Now sometimes, devs do a little to heavy trolling which can be exploited in ways that makes us fall into the game more than ever. Needless to say, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is no exception as well. So, what did the devs do here anyway, you might ask. Let’s find more about that and the apparent ways you can exploit it. Hop in!

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The Infinite 1-UP in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

1-Ups are a delicacy in Super Mario. From hidden blocks to question mark blocks, item boxes, and even enemy drops, they can be a potential source. Needless to say, their necessity, it’s better to state the fact that there is a hidden 1-Up in every world. Either way, you have to buy some or find out about some. But there is always something to exploit in Super Mario.

With upholding that tradition, there are basically Two ways you can get the 1-UP for almost like in an infinite amount. There are certain ways to do so and that is what i’ll be breaking down to you. Stick around!

How to Exploit The Infinite 1-UP

First Way

Get to the Pipe-Rock Plateau and then select the Scram, Scaddler stage, finish off all the Skedaddlers, and head to the area with the red and green pipes. These are necessary for the plot. Now, get the shell from the red koopa. You will find this guy on the left of the pipes. Then simply drop the shell between the green and red pipes to make a barrier.

All you have to do is now push the green pipe towards the red pipe to tighten up the space. As you can see now, the shell is now tightly the right to make the space between the two pipes smaller. The space should be small enough for your character to fit and for the shell to stay in place. Now, jump! You will soon have a stash of 1-UPs.

Another One

There is another way you can try. Same world, same stage, but to go with this, you need to be Yoshi and need to have the Flutter Jump. It is better if you have the parachute cap as well, as this combination is perfect for staying in the air for longer. Pretty crucial to the plot, again.

Credit: copycat(YT)

Now, chase down a Skedaddler to the area with the yellow barrels. This poor guy is now cornered and will start shooting acorn projectiles at you. What you have to do is carefully time out and jump on the acorn, float in the air, time it perfectly till the next acorn is shot, and jump! You might get off your nerves, but this is another way.

And dis is de way. Until next time!

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