Sawed-Off Shotgun Padlock Code: Alan Wake 2

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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The darkness is closing in around you. Shadowy figures emerge from the mist, their eyes glowing with malevolent intent. Your pistol feels woefully inadequate against these supernatural foes. If only you had something with a bit more punch…

Alan Wake 2 challenges players with intense combat against sinister enemies called the Taken. You start out with just a pistol, but soon you can upgrade to more powerful weapons. One of the most potent tools you can acquire is the Sawed-off shotgun.

The Sawed-off shotgun is double-barreled beast packs a massive punch at close range, making it ideal for crowd control when you get swarmed. With the right tricks, you can add this heavy hitter to your arsenal surprisingly early.

To obtain the Sawed-off Shotgun, you’ll have to access a locked display case in the general store at Cauldron Lake. The good news is that the combination code can be found nearby. Let me walk you through how to locate the shotgun and unlock its case, so you can start shredding Taken with devastating power.

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How to Unlock the Sawed-Off Shotgun in Alan Wake 2

Locate the Shotgun

When you enter the general store at Cauldron Lake, make your way to the backroom. After a jump scare encounter, go through the newly opened passage and grab the shotgun from the display case on the wall. You’ll notice a padlock keeps this boomstick secured.

Clues to Get the padlock code in Alan Wake 2
Clues to Get the padlock code

Find the Code Clue

On the display case is a note that says, Check with Lady Fortuna at the counter. Head back up front and inspect the shop counter next to the register.

Decipher the Code

Look closely at the notepad and lottery ticket sitting on the counter. Match the ticket’s numbers to crossed out combos on the pad. This reveals the current code is 739.

Unlock the Case

Unlock the padlock to get Sawed-off Shotgun in Alan Wake 2
Unlock the padlock to get Sawed-off Shotgun

Return to the backroom and carefully input 7-3-9 into the padlock on the shotgun case. It will now pop open, so you can claim the powerful sawed-off shotgun!

GameRiv - Sawed-Off Shotgun Padlock Code – This is the padlock code to unlock Sawed-Off Shotgun

Upgrade and Equip

With the shotgun in hand, you’ll have a major advantage against hordes of enemies. Just be sure to upgrade its reload speed as soon as possible, since it can only fire two shots before needing a refill.

With proper preparations and clever code cracking will equip you with this hard-hitting sawed-off shotgun surprisingly early in Alan Wake 2.

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