NICKMERCS Admits Apex Legends is the Better BR for Competitive than Warzone 2.0

In NICKMERCS’ latest stream, he puts Apex Legends first over Warzone 2.0 in terms of competitiveness.

NICKMERCS is one of the most prominent streamers on Twitch. Although NICKMERCS was a Warzone veteran, he currently shuffles between Warzone 2.0 and Apex Legends and enjoys playing these massively popular BRs.

Since his debut in Apex Legends competitive scene, NICKMERCS has made significant progress on his skills and is continuing to do so. Despite being called the weak link, NICKMERCS continues to show his dedication toward this fast-paced battle royale title.

Warzone and Apex Legends are currently two of the best battle royales in the online multiplayer gaming world. But which one reigns supreme has been a topic of debate for a long time. However, in terms of competitiveness, NICKMERCS has clearly put Apex Legends on top.

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“Apex is Great for BR Comp”

On NICKMERCS’s January 19 Twitch stream, one of his viewers asked whether he has more fun in Apex or Warzone. NICKMERCS said he enjoys “both” but considers these two titles as “different kinds.”

“I like competing, and I really don’t think that Warzone is a game to really compete it, you know? I don’t see it happening, especially for me,” NICKMERCS explains why he puts Apex Legends over Warzone 2.0.

According to NICKMERCS, he enjoys the competitiveness of Apex Legends more and believes “Apex is great for BR comp, and it has a great thing going.” However, NICKMERCS doesn’t throw Warzone entirely away. He thinks Warzone is fun playing with the boys.

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