New VALORANT Leak Suggests Minima 2.0 Bundle will Come to VALORANT Sometime Soon

Mahir Faisal
By Mahir Faisal
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A recent leak revealed the potential release of the Minima 2.0 skin line in VALORANT soon.

VALORANT is a free-to-play competitive multiplayer shooter from Riot Games. The game’s core is based on tactical shooting and team-based strategy. From the very beginning, VALORANT boasts colorful, eye-catching visuals. Every agent possesses abilities with distinguishable colors. In addition to that, Riot Games offers colorful and animated skin bundles to buy.

With every new patch, VALORANT includes new skin bundles in the game. The latest addition to the list was Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 Skin Bundle, introduced with patch 7.07. Before that, the Intergrade Skin Bundle was added with the previous patch, 7.06.

Every time a skin line receives positive feedback from fans, the developers frequently rerelease the bundle with a second iteration that keeps the core design but adds new guns. The inclusion of Oni 2.0 was the result of the huge admiration the original bundle received.

Likewise, a recent leak is suggesting the return of the Minima skin line.

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VALORANT Minima 2.0 Skin Leak

The Minima skin bundle was released with patch 2.09 originally. The bundle received mixed responses because of its close-to-vanilla design. The developers wanted to create a skinline that was simple and clean, hence the minimalistic design.

The original Minima bundle contained

  • Phantom
  • Sheriff
  • Spectre
  • Operator
  • Ares

The whole bundle cost 5100 VP and 1275 VP for each skin.

Now, a recent leak suggests the possible return of the skin bundle to as 2.0 version. According to VALORANT Leaks & News, a trustworthy source of many VALORANT leaks, a Minima 2.0 skin bundle is coming very soon.

Though the bundle’s release date, cost, or which skins will be included this time, none of these are still known.

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