Nemesis jokes about figuring out the Dragon soul at the start of the game

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Nemesis shares a clever trick that will allow players to determine the Dragon soul at the start of the game.

UPDATE: It was a joke from Nemesis.

Riot Games brought a bunch of Dragon changes in the 2020 Preseason. Riot introduced new dragon souls and revamped the Elder Dragon buff entirely. Among four dragon souls, Ocean and Mountain have to be the best souls in the game while Infernal and Cloud are very situational.

Before the preseason Elemental drakes were very random but after the changes, the first three drakes are random, however, the fourth one is always the same as the third drake. And up until now, players knew there is only one way to conclude which soul there will be in the game, which was by looking at the third drake. That third drake would continue to spawn until one team get all four drakes and that soul.

However, today, Fnatic mid laner Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek has shared a mind-blowing method to figure out the Dragon soul at the start of the game on LS’s stream. And the most surprising thing is it was in the game from the beginning and no one knew about it.

During the stream, Nemesis said “You can know what soul it is,” then LS said, “you can know what soul it is by 3rd.” But Nemesis replied saying that, “No,” “you look at the top corner of the map on top lane and whichever dragon is it that’s gonna be the soul.”

If you ever played in the Top lane or play League of Legends on the daily basis you should have noticed that there is always a Dragon flying beside the Top lane before the game start. And according to Nemesis whichever Drake that flys over there at the beginning, the game will have that Drake’s soul.

Just after the clip was being posted on Reddit it got a lot of attention. A lot of players have confirmed in the comment section that it is in fact “True.” Some Top laners are saying that this actually crazy as it was there in the game for such a long time and no one noticed the possibilities.

It might be a little too late before it went public, regardless it is still a great trick for League players to build up strategies early on.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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