MultiVersus: How to Fix Connection Lost Error

Be your own plumber and fix that Lost Error Connection in MultiVersus.

Feeling unlucky this evening? You will be glad to hear that you are not alone, mate. As the popularity ranking gets stonk for MultiVersus, things are getting sus as well. Well, most of this sus are related to Errors. We already talked about Syncing Account State Error and Item Unavailable Error.

MultiVersus, being a new game, can fall into glitches as the collision of multiverses ain’t a joke. Well, neither can we pat your back, say, don’t worry, and expect your tears to get back inside your lacrimal glands again, do we?

However, there is always a solution. Just follow the guide to the last to fix this connection lost error in MultiVersus. Hop in!

Connection Lost Error in MultiVersus

Say, you were enjoying bashing up Tom and Jerry with the Ultra-instinct activated Shaggy. Suddenly, the game disconnects and throws you out of the arena. Well, typical online game, right?

Now, now, there are many possible ways to fix this. You now know the issue; let’s enlighten you about the diagnosis.

How to Fix this Error

At the very first, I would suggest checking the game’s official Twitter accounts and Discord server for any updates and announcements. After that, if you think you are the problem, well, we have a solution for that as well. Check out below what you can do about it:

  • Close MultiVersus and Restart.
  • Reboot the Console or PC.
  • Check out your internet connection. Make sure your broadband is stable.
  • Update to the latest software version of your Console.
  • Or, Update all the drivers of your PC.
  • On PC, check out if your firewall blocked any part of the application.
  • Verify game file integrity: Launch Steam. Tap on MultiVersus installation and go to the Properties. Then head to Local Files and then Verify the Integrity of Game Files. Steam will do the rest.

I hope any of the steps above have cured your upset-ness. If you still have no hope, you better contact the Customer Support of MultiVersus. Report says they take it very seriously.

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