MultiVersus: How to Fix Syncing Account State Error

Multiple Universes have collided in MultiVersus, but your account says Syncing Account State ERROR while you try to join from your universe; no worries, you have come to the right-est place to get a fix for that!

WB Int. took things to another level, bringing a bunch of universes together, making it the craziest clashes of multiverses. As we will be seeing competition among our favorite characters, the name, MultiVersus, serves its purpose beautifully. However, the conflict of multiverses did bring some glitches along.

To start, you have launched MultiVersus. You know how serious this collision of multiverses is when the starting screen falls into a glitch. You see a syncing error message. What can you do except have patience?

Exactly, nothing. No need to put the extra anger on the application. This ain’t a glitch in the matrix either. Just follow the guide to the last to fix this syncing account state error in MultiVersus. Hop in!

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Syncing Account State Error in MultiVersus

As I mentioned a minute ago, you already saw several error messages while on the starting screen. You will find out that one of those messages was regarding something account-thingy. Formally, we say this error is the Syncing Account State Error. No worries, as there have been multiple reports over it.

What happens in the meantime is that the game application is now retrieving your overall progress till now. This data will be stored on the server. And when the application cannot secure a proper connection with the server, that’s where the trouble begins. That is the point you see the Syncing Account State Error in MultiVersus.

Now that you have an overall idea of the issue let’s get you to the diagnosis—enough lecturing for now.

How to Fix this Error

At the very first, I would suggest to check the game’s official Twitter accounts and Discord server for any kind of updates and announcements. After that, if you think you are the problem, well, we have a solution for that as well. Check out below what you can do about it:

  • Close MultiVersus and Restart.
  • Reboot the Console or PC.
  • Check out your internet connection. Make sure your broadband is stable.
  • Update to the latest software version of your Console.
  • Or, Update all your drivers of your PC.
  • On PC, check out if your firewall blocked any part of the application.

I hope any of the steps above have cured your upset-ness. If you still have no hope, you better contact the Customer Support of MultiVersus. Report says they take it very seriously.

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