MultiVersus: Best Perks for Gizmo in Season 1

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MultiVersus: Best Perks for Gizmo

Learn about the best perks of Gizmo in MultiVersus. This adorable supporting character has much to offer besides being just a comforter.

From the Gremlin’s Universe, the adorable mascot Gizmo has clashed with other characters in MultiVersus. From saving the Kingston Falls to averting disaster in Clamp Center, Gizmo grew up. This pure soul is now looking to expand his helping hands.

Gizmo can be unlocked for 2000 Gold or 700 Gleamium. He has a variety of attacks you can try out. As Gizmo is a supporting character, you will find that most of his skills are pretty interesting to try on both the foes and the mates. With some good combination, even he can deal heavy damage.

Below, you will find all attacks and the best perks of Gizmo in MultiVersus. Without further ado, let’s hop in!

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Best Skill Moves of Gizmo in MultiVersus


Gizmo CHARGES and aims an arrow PROJECTILE. The arrow will apply IGNITE if CHARGED. You can store a charge if the arrow is not shot, and it will use this charge the next time you aim an arrow. Gizmo can move and jump while charging his bow. Hitting opponents with a flame arrow will refresh one ammo.
Gizmo performs a punch, headbutt, drop kick COMBO.
Gizmo CHARGES a forward punch.
Gizmo CHARGES and throws a popcorn PROJECTILE upward at a controllable angle. The popcorn will explode if IGNITED. Gizmo’s arrows will also detonate the popcorn but in a cone. Flame arrows will have a bigger explosion than regular arrows.
Gizmo does two swipes overhead.
Gizmo CHARGES before slamming a keyboard, dealing ARMOR BREAK, sending out musical note PROJECTILES to his left and right. The CHARGE determines how far the notes travel. The notes apply MUSIC to enemies.
Gizmo CHARGES before stomping three times downwards.


Gizmo sings, spawning musical note PROJECTILES that DAMAGE enemies hit and apply MUSIC. The musical notes will fly towards nearby allies, giving MUSIC buff. They will also follow friendly projectiles and apply hitstun. Hold input to keep singing.
Similar to ground, but the musical notes shoot forward.
Gizmo hops in and drives a toy car around, ramming it into enemies. He can exit by jumping or dodging, sending the car forward. If Gizmo enters the vehicle using his Up Special, it will overheat and launch ahead. The car will explode shortly after that or if it crashes. Once the vehicle is destroyed, COOLDOWN applies.
Gizmo dashes forward, holding an umbrella before him, BLOCKING PROJECTILES. Hold input to have Gizmo unfurl the umbrella and GLIDE.
Gizmo leaps upward. If an ally is nearby and in front of him, he will jump towards them, attach himself, and CLEANSE them. While connected, Gizmo can still perform attacks but will take a percentage of the DAMAGE his ally takes. Gizmo can jump to detach himself. If Gizmo hits an enemy with his dash, he will bounce upward off them. Gizmo can also dash to the car summoned by his Grounded Side Special.
Gizmo hops in a toy chest, which BLOCKS PROJECTILES. Hold input to stay in the chest. While attached to an ally, he will hold out an umbrella for a similar effect on his ally.
Gizmo does a butt slam downward and bounces back up if he hits enemies.


Time To Listen: Gizmo can apply Music Buff in some attacks. Affected foes will be in the silent zone if the stack count reaches the maximum. Moreover, it will also stop them from using cooldown abilities.

Furthermore, if your mates are affected, they will create a musical note when they evade. As a result, they can also apply a Music buff on the foes.

Best Perks for Gizmo in MultiVersus

Below are the best perks for the adorable mascot:

  • Signature Perk: Rhythm’s Gonna Getcha
  • Perk 1: Back to Back
  • Perk 2: Make It Rain, Dog!
  • Perk 3: Back To Back

Rhythm’s Gonna Getcha

Take Gizmo to Mastery Level 12 to unlock this signature perk.

If the Music buff reaches the max stack count, Gizmo can make his foes dance instead of putting them in the silent zone.

Back to Back

Take James to Mastery Level 11 to unlock this offensive perk.

Your mates will receive a 6% reduced damage when they are near one another. And for Stacked, it increases to 12%.

Make It Rain, Dog!

Take Gizmo to Mastery Level 4 to unlock this offensive perk.

The projectile speed is now correctly applied to thrown items. Mates will receive a 10% increase on that. For stacked, the speed increases to 25%.


Gizmo can unlock this offensive perk by reaching Mastery Level 13

Your mates will deal 5% extra damage while attacking with random projectiles. And for Stacked, it will increase by 10%.

These are the best perks for Gizmo in MultiVersus. Cheers!

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