MultiVersus: Best Perks for Batman in Season 1

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MultiVersus: Best Perks for Batman in Season 1

Wondering what the world-famous detective, the Batman, fancies what perks should be the best for him in MultiVersus? Well, in this guide, you are gonna get more than that.

Needless to say, our detective has a powerful impact on MultiVersus. Why wouldn’t he be? Even though the topmost favorite fan-fiction character was not free of cost in the character rotation, we know exactly where our priorities are. And yes, we acted like that.

The billionaire caped-crusader specializes in high mobility and flexibility. So, his perks must be based on that. Depending on his tactical strategies, there are actually a lot of perks that can get along with him. From these, we have chosen the best.

Below, you will find out all his attacks and the best perks in MultiVersus that are best suited for our Batman. Without further ado, let’s hop in!

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Best Skill Moves of Batman in MultiVersus


Charge and throw, aiming a Batarang item. It can be returned after impact. However, Cooldown will reduce if the item returns.
A combo of punches ending in an uppercut
Charge a forward punch. Input again for a combo into a jab that will rush forward until hitting an enemy.
UpClear the Air
Charge an overhead swing.
Flying Uppercut
Charge an upward jab. Input again for a combo into another swipe.
Charge a slide attack. Charging extends the distance of the slide. Input again for a combo into a forward kick.
A downward flip kick.


Equip a Bat-Bomb. Hit an enemy with an attack afterward to attach the Bat-Bomb. The bomb will detonate shortly and launch the victim upward.
Batman will aim and then fire his grappling hook gun, attaching it to fighters or the environment. The grapple will pull him to its destination, and he will hit enemies along the way.
UpRising Bat
Batman can charge an uppercut that launches him into the air.
Rapid Rising Bat
Similar to the ground without charge.
DownSmoke Bomb
Batman detonates a smoke bomb, enveloping him and nearby fighters in smoke. While in smoke, Batman and his allies are given invisibility, receive Projectile Sidestep, and gain faster recharge for their Dodge Meter. Allies also receive brief invulnerability. Enemies inside the smoke are slowed.
Crashing Justice
Batman kicks down and rockets to the ground, controlling his direction as he goes.


Ninja Training: Initially, this attack was named Ninja Training 1. Wonder what could appear in version 2. However, after getting invisible, Batman’s attack applies three stacks of weakened. Moreover, he can dodge upward or diagonally upward from the ground.

Best Perks for Batman in MultiVersus

Below are the best perks for our detective:

  • Signature Perk: Bouncerang
  • Offense 1: Hit’ Em While They’re Down
  • Offense 2: Up, Up, and A-Slay
  • Offense 3: That’s (Not) All, Folks!


Take the detective to Mastery Level 8 to unlock this signature perk.

After you have executed Batarang on the foe, our detective will apply maximum stacks of weakened debuff while the Batarang is on its way to coming back. You can actually follow up with a powerful combo after the execution. Moreover, it’s an excellent stuff for team buff as well.

Hit’ Em While They’re Down

Take the detective to Mastery Level 7 to unlock this offensive perk.

Known initially as Damage Boost, this perk will increase your team’s overall damage by 5% when the debuffed foes. Moreover, for stacked, the damage increases by 10%. And yes, it would be pretty wise to attack after the Batarang is in the air.

Up, Up, and A-Slay

Take the detective to Mastery Level 12 to unlock this offensive perk.

From Superman’s catchphrase to being Batman’s one of the best perks, we have grown up. However, it was named Vertical Damage Boost initially. Pretty dull name, I would say. So, yeah, the catchphrase does play a vital role.

Anyway, you can increase your team’s overall damage by 5% with this perk. Your attacks will knock your foes upward. In Stacked, the damage increases by 10%.

That’s (Not) All, Folks!

Take the detective to Mastery Level 11 to unlock this offensive perk.

We all pretty much know where the catchphrase came from; I am not even going there. In near-edge situations, the attacker can be pushed back into the arena after ringing out the foes. While in Stacked, both the teammates can have a larger push area.

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