Lunar Guardian Malphite Skin: Splash Art, Price & Release Date

Lunar Guardian Malphite is another addition to the skin line, as 2023 is getting a plethora of Skins.

The Shard of the Monolith, Malphite, is a rock-solid champion. Released since the inception of League of Legends, he has been iconic and is still one of the most-played champions in the game. It is one of the more flexible champions, as Malphite is used in the top, mid, and bot lanes.

Moving onto skins, Malphite has quite a lot of them, twelve to be precise. The notable ones are skins like FPX Malphite, Prestige Dark Star Malphite, Mecha Malphite, etc. Malphite has not received any skins this year, as the last cosmetic the champion received was Old God Malphite in 2021.

The champion is popular enough to receive new skins. Thus, Malphite is getting a skin for the Lunar 2023 event. The skin is going to be Lunar Guardian Malphite. Champions that will receive Lunar Guardian skins are Ashe, Qiyana, Thresh, and Kha’Zix. There will also be a Mythmaker skin line released at the same time that will have cosmetics for Irelia, Garen, Galio, Sivir, and Zyra.

Moving on, Lunar Guarding Malphite is set to be released soon as a video was released of the skin in action. Thus, let’s talk about what we know so far.

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Lunar Guardian Malphite Splash Art

Lunar Guardian Malphite
Image: Riot Games
Lunar Guardian Malphite Early Look
Image Credit: Riot Games

Lunar Guardian Malphite Chromas

Nine Chromas are coming in addition to the skin. Here they are as follows, as Julex Gameplay has revealed.

Lunar Guardian Malphite Price

Lunar Guardian Malphite is expected to be an Epic skin, so the price will be 1350 RP.

Release Date

The skin will be released alongside the other skins in Patch 13.1. Patch 13.1 will be released early in 2023. The exact date for the release is unknown.

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