LoR New Exclusive Champion Jack Revealed: Card Art, Stats & Release Date

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has finally unveiled the upcoming LoR exclusive champion, Jack.

Last year, Riot released the first expansion of the Darkin Saga, Awakening. In that expansion, they added many new mechanics and champions. One of the surprise addition is the LoR exclusive champion Norra.

Norra was the first exclusive champion added to Legends of Runeterra. She is a Yordle champion, hailing from Bandle City. Moreover, she was already deeply connected with the League of Legends lore thanks to Yuumi. In the lore, she is Yuumi’s missing master. Norra is one of the long lists of champions already existing in the lore, but Riot added them to the game later. The first of two lore based champions was Senna and Viego.

Riot earlier this year revealed the roadmap for LoR in 2023. And in that post, Riot mentioned wanting to add more LoR exclusive champions. Players expected that the exclusive champions would come in the first expansion of the year, and Riot Games delivered.

Riot recently revealed the first expansion of the year, Glory in Navori. They also revealed all the champions that would be coming in this expansion. And one of them is the LoR exclusive champion, Jack.

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LoR Exclusive Champion: Jack

Jack is a 4 cost champion hailing from Bilgewater. His main passive is a regular Strike where he creates a coin in hand. Though he starts with the Brash keyword, once he levels up, he gains Overwhelm. Level 2 Jack creates 2 coins instead of one, and when the player refills mana, for each mana refilled, Jack gains +1 attack.

Jack Stats

Level One

  • Mana: 4
  • Stats: 4|5
  • Keywords: Brash
  • Ability:
    • Strike: Create 1 Coin in hand.
  • Level-up condition: You’ve spent 12+ mana in one round.

Level Two

  • Mana: 4
  • Stats: 5|6
  • Keywords: Overwhelm & Brash
  • Ability: 
    • When the player refills mana, grant Jack +1|0 for each mana refilled.
    • Strike: Create 2 Coins in hand.

Champion Spells

Risky Venture

Risky Venture is a 3-cost slow spell where the player deals 2 damage to a unit. If it kills the unit, it creates 2 coins in hand. Jack’s variant of this spell also creates a Jack in the player’s deck.

Prize Fight

The Prize Fight is a 1-cost fast spell. Using this spell, allied and enemy units can Strike each other. However, they can’t drop below 1 health from this strike.

Jack LoR Card Art

Level One

jack level one
Image Credits: Riot Games

Level Two

jack level two
Image Credits: Riot Games

Release Date

Jack will be coming to Legends of Runeterra in the Glory in Navori expansion, scheduled to release on March 29th, 2023.

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