Upcoming LoR Exclusive Champion Allegedly Leaked

The upcoming Legends of Runeterra exclusive champion has been leaked, Poro King.

Legends of Runeterra is a card game released in 2020. It is based on League of Legends and its universe, Runeterra. Because of this, both League and LoR share many similarities. These similarities include characters, stories, themes, etc.

Until the Forces Of Beyond expansion, all the champions in Legends of Runeterra were already a part of League of Legends. These familiar champions include Yasuo, Jinx, Pantheon, Vi, Nami, Tristana, etc. But with the release of Awakening Expansion, Riot released LoR’s first-ever exclusive champion, Norra.

Norra is a Yordle, hailing from Bandle City. She is a 2 cost champion with the Elusive and Nexus Strike keywords. For her lore, she is Yuumi’s master. She went missing because of her portal, and Yuumi and her book set out to find her.

As she is a Legends of Runeterra exclusive champion, she won’t be coming to League of Legends.

However, a couple of months earlier, Riot shared a roadmap for Legends of Runeterra. On that post, they revealed that a new LoR exclusive champion would be coming in 2023.

Recently, a prominent leaker for League of Legends, BigBadBear, revealed that the upcoming exclusive champion would be the Poro King.

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Legends of Runeterra Exclusive Champion: Poro King

Poro King is the king of all Poros. His first appearance was in League of Legends, in the game mode Legend of the Poro King, back in 2014.

In that game mode, players play on Howling Abyss (ARAM’s map) and try to summon the Poro King. The objective of this game mode is the same as regular ARAM, destroy the enemy’s nexus. But in the Legend of Poro King, players can summon the Poro King. Poro King is similar to the Rift herald in this game mode. Moreover, Riot brought back Poro King for the experimental game mode Nexus Blitz.

According to the leaker, Poro King will be the next exclusive champion of Legends of Runeterra. Furthermore, he revealed that Riot will do a dev video regarding the upcoming champions of Legends of Runeterra at the start of 2023. And Poro King might be one of the champions revealed in that video.

Release Date

Riot mentioned in their LoR roadmap that the next exclusive champion will be released in early 2023. So if the upcoming champion is the Poro King, we should see him during this period.

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