LoR New Champion Sett Revealed: Card Art, Stats, & Release Date

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has revealed one of the upcoming champions releasing in LoR, Sett.

Earlier this year, Riot revealed the 2023 roadmap showcasing everything coming to Legends of Runeterra. In that, Riot announced a new release cycle.

Riot explained in that post that Riot would release expansions first. Afterward, we will receive live balance patches fixing and adjusting the game. The live balance patches aim to optimize the game for both pro-play and casual scenes. But now, right after live balance patches, Riot will release something called variety card sets. This means Riot can now release new cards regardless of a new expansion. Overall, it is positive for the community as they can try out new content regularly.

And now, recently, Riot has revealed the first expansion of 2023, Glory In Navori. Alongside revealing the name of the expansion, Riot also revealed some of the upcoming champions. And one of the champions is Sett.

Sett will release with his champion spell Facebreaker and Show Stopper; however, he will not have any auto-equip equipment.

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LoR Sett

Sett will be 5 cost champion, hailing from Ionia. Sett has a unique mechanic where if he drops below one health for the first time, he gets a barrier for that round. And after he levels up, when Sett is on the attack, he can’t take damage or die. This means Sett is unbeatable during the rounds he is on the attacking. But killing him in rounds where he plays as a block or defence is still possible. Sett also creates Showstopper every time the user spends a certain amount of mana.

Sett Stats

Level One

  • Mana: 5
  • Stats: 4|5
  • Ability: The first time Sett would drop below 1 health while attacking, he would receive a barrier.
  • Level-up condition: You’ve spent 40+ mana.

Level Two

  • Mana: 5
  • Stats: 5|6
  • Ability: While Sett is attacking, he can’t take damage or die. Create a Show Stopper in hand each round once you’ve spent 12+ mana.

Champion Spells

Show Stopper

Show Stopper will be a 0-cost spell, only given when Sett reaches level 2. It’s a slow spell that can kill one unit regardless of their health and deal a small amount of damage to nearby enemies and nexus.


Facebreaker is a 2-cost slow spell that stuns 2 enemies and creates a coin in hand.

Sett LoR Card Art

Level One

sett level one
Image Credits: Riot Games

Level Two

sett level two
Image Credits: Riot Games

Release Date

Sett will be coming to Legends of Runeterra in the Glory in Navori expansion, scheduled to release on March 29th, 2023.

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