Lies of P: How to Upgrade Shops (Hotel Krat)

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Neowiz Games

Lies of P has different NPCs for the hub area of Hotel Krat. You can upgrade these NPCs’ shops using special items. Here we will show you how to upgrade the shops in Hotel Krat.

Lies of P is a soul-like game developed by Neowiz Games, and it takes its main inspiration from the Bloodborne game. Being soul-like, the game features pretty much everything this genre of games typically has. And the dodging and side-step mechanics are very much like Bloodborne. From challenging boss fights and interconnected areas with different unlockable shortcuts to a safe hub area, everything is present in Lies of P.

The hub area of Hotel Krat will be the place for all the different NPCs you can find and rescue. Among them, some of the NPCs will open a shop for the player to purchase different items from. However, the starting inventory for most of the shops is not very good. Fortunately, you can give a special item to upgrade the shop and get newer items in stock. So, here we will show you all the items to upgrade shops in Hotel Krat and where to get them.

Upgrading Shops in Hotel Krat

Hotel Krat has two different shops for you to purchase item from. These are Polendina an Pulcinella’s shop. Each of the two shop can be upgraded using different supply box you can find in the world. So, lets see which supply box is for which shop and how you can get them:

Polendina Shop

You can get two different supply boxes for this shop. These are:

  • Krat Supply Box: Inside St. Frangelico Chapel, you will find this in a side room after defeating a large shield enemy which can be counted as a mini-boss.
  • Sturdy Krat Supply Box: Within Grand Exhibition main hall, this box is found in a chest next to a ladder shortcut.
  • Special Krat Supply Box: Inside a chest that overlooks the collapsed street.

Pulcinella Shop

This shop also has three different upgrades. These are:

  • Incredible Venigni Collection: After dropping into the hole in Estella Opera House, you can find this box in a safe inside a side room.
  • Great Venigni Collection: In Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field, this box is found in a chest behinf Alidoro. You will have to beat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood before you can get to it.
  • Fancy Venigni Collection: This box is found in a barren swamp behind the second cannon tower.

Each of the box will add new items to the shop’s invertory. To upgrade the shop, give the boxes to its corrdesponding shop. Then, you can access the shop to see what new items the shop was able to bring using these supply boxes.

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