Lies of P (LOP): How to Get Proof of Humanity

Samia Awal Moon
By Samia Awal Moon
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How to Get Proof of Humanity in Lies of P

Here is how to get the special weapon Proof of Humanity.

Surviving in a dangerous world in a dark fantasy game like Lies of P can be challenging. When you take on the role of Pinocchio, you are no ordinary being. Various enemies and challenges await you in the mysterious world of Lies of P. So you must prepare yourself to get ready and overcome the disputes. Different types of weapons are available in the game, which can make this journey of yours relatively easy. You can also customize your arsenal with those unique and effective weapons.

Having the best weapons can make the survival rate higher. By defeating bosses in the game, you can unlock some unique weapons. Proof of Humanity is one of those powerful special weapons. This weapon can be exchanged with the Nameless Puppet’s ergo. Let’s learn how to defeat the boss to get the weapon.

How to Get Proof of Humanity in Lies of P

Encountering the game’s final boss, The nameless puppet will be required to get the weapon. You can obtain the weapon while facing the boss on Free from the Puppet String or Rise of P ending missions.

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Free from the Puppet String Ending Route

In this ending, you have to stay honest no matter what. You should speak the truth to the NPCs to achieve this route, even in very forceful situations. When talking to Sophia in her room at Ascension Bridge, choose the dialogue option “Let her live“. After that, you will encounter Simon Manus at Arche Abbey. While conversing, say “I liberated her from Arche Abbey” to Simon Manus.

When you reach Under the Abyss, Geppetto will offer you the opportunity to become a real boy. But you must pay the price for it, which is your Heart. When he asks for your Heart, you must choose “Refuse” in the dialogue options. Then, the Nameless Puppet will appear. You need to defeat the puppet and collect his Ergo. Go back to the hotel and meet Hugo, the explorer. Exchange the Nameless Puppet’s Ergo for the Proof of Humanity.

Rise of P-Ending Route

To achieve this, you must lie in every conversation throughout the game. But this time, Choose the dialogue option “Give her peace” while talking to Sofia. When you tell Simon this, he will become the Awakened God. Then you need to defeat him to get the Golden Lie weapon. After that, the rest is the same method as before. Meet Geppetto Under the Abyss. Defeat him and exchange his ergo for the Proof of Humanity.

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