Lies of P (LOP): Best Amulets – A Detailed Guide

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If you want to know everything about amulets, then this guide will explain everything about the best amulets in Lies of P.

Pinocchio’s journey through the sinister city of Krat in Lies of P is filled with danger and deception around every corner. As you guide the wooden boy on his quest for humanity, you’ll need to use every tool at your disposal to survive the streets crawling with fierce puppets. Furthermore, one of the most valuable assets Pinocchio can equip is amulets—accessories that provide buffs to attack, defense, elemental resistance, and more.

With the right amulets decorating Pinocchio, you’ll be ready to uncover the secrets of his past and face the challenges of Krat. Equipping the wrong ones could mean the difference between victory over a boss or an unfavorable ending at their hands. But there are 30 special items called amulets in Krat. How can you know which ones are the best amulets in LOP?

Best Amulets in Lies of P (LOP)

Top 5 Best Offensive Amulet

Best Offensive Amulet in Lies of P

5. Extreme Modification Amulet

Amulet WeightWhere to Find
12.1You can get the Extreme Modification Amulet by trading your Broken Hero’s Ergo (Scrapped Watchman) with either Alidoro or Explorer Hugo.

The Scrapped Watchman was an experimental piece modified to the extreme to test how far Krat’s engineering skills could go. The result was impressive, but ultimately came at a cost.

When you equip this amulet, it’s all about supercharging your weapon attack, and it does so by scaling its power based on how many Fable slots you’ve filled. Think of it like a turbo boost for your weapon damage, where the more Fable slots you’ve got filled, the more havoc you’ll wreak on your enemies.

4. Assassin’s Amulet

Amulet WeightWhere to Find
2.8You’ll find the Assassin’s Amulet in a nearby chest near the Arche Abbey Upper Part’s Internal Bridge stargazer. Just walk along the edge of the tower to find it.

They believed the reputation they earned from working behind the scenes in the underworld would be eternal. However, fame is useless before the gallows.

Once you equip this amulet, get ready to watch your critical attack damage skyrocket. Those critical hits are about to become devastating blows that can single-handedly change the course of any fight. It’s like you’ve unlocked the gamer’s version of an assassin’s blade, where every strike is deadly.

3. Conquering Amulet

Amulet WeightWhere to Find
12.8You can get the Conquering Amulet by trading the King’s Flame Ergo (King’s Flame, Fuoco) with either Alidoro or Explorer Hugo.

The puppet heads to the place where fire, electricity, and acid flow. It must not be withstood, but overcome and passed.

Imagine, you’re in the heat of battle, guarding against your opponent’s onslaught, and then it hits – the perfect guard! That’s when the Conquering Amulet kicks into high gear. It’s like a surge of raw power coursing through your weapon, temporarily cranking up your attack damage to insane levels.

2. Awaken God’s Amulet

Amulet WeightWhere to Find
11.2You can get the Awaken God’s Amulet by trading the Fallen One’s Ergo (Simon Manus Awakened God) with either Alidoro or Explorer Hugo.

“When God awakens, he will be like a bird who has just cracked open his shell. He will possess tremendous abilities that can change the world yet be as innocent as a child.” — Among Simon Manus’s sayings

Equipping this divine accessory empowers your Fable Arts like never before, supercharging your damage output against staggered enemies. Your Fable Arts hit like a meteor crashing down from the heavens. Your enemies don’t stand a chance.

1. Arm of God’s Amulet

Amulet WeightWhere to Find
12.2You can get the Arm of God’s Amulet by trading in the Reborn Champion’s Ergo (Champion Victor) with either Alidoro or Explorer Hugo.

The Alchemists that had found the Arm of God tried to gauge its potential power using puppets. The Arm of God was certainly strong, but required massive power to sustain.

Arm of God Amulet springs into action like you’ve been blessed by the gaming deities themselves. Your physical damage gets a massive boost for a limited time, and you become an absolute powerhouse.

Top 5 Defensive Amulet

Best Defensive Amulet in Lies of P

5. Life Amulet

Amulet WeightWhere to Find
1.3You can find the Life Amulet in a chest right before you reach the stargazer inside the House on Elysion Boulevard.

The slightest blink is enough to make a puppet move. Puppets do not have life, but it is enough to move them.

It’s like a shot of pure vitality straight to your character. Equipping the Life Amulet means one thing – you’re getting a serious boost to your maximum health. That’s like leveling up and getting a bigger health bar to soak up all the hits.

4. Recharged Amulet

Amulet WeightWhere to Find
2.9In the Barren Swamp area, you’ll find the Recharged Amulet in a chest. To get it, go up the tower past the electrified Mad Clown Puppet, then turn right and climb a ladder to reach the room with the chest.

This amulet was able to repurify Pulse Cells and increase recovery and was considered an innovation even in the Workshop. There were soon many derivatives of this amulet.

Picture this: you’re in the heat of battle, facing down a horde of enemies, and your health bar is taking a serious beating. That’s when the Recharged Amulet springs into action. It’s like having a magical health potion on the go, but even better – it regenerates your HP automatically every time you take a hit!

3. Impregnable Fortress Amulet

Amulet WeightWhere to Find
10.2You can get the Impregnable Fortress Amulet by trading your Sad Zealot’s Ergo (Laxasia The Complete) with either Alidoro or Explorer Hugo.

She hoped to become Simon’s sword and perfect shield. When she was finally complete as Laxasia, she chose to become the iron armor warrior without hesitation.

Equipping it is like turning your weapon into an indestructible fortress of power. When you perform a successful guard, the Impregnable Fortress Amulet works its magic and stops your weapon’s durability from going down. It means your sword or shield will last forever if you’re good at blocking attacks!

2. Iron Wall Amulet

Amulet WeightWhere to Find
2.5You’ll find the Iron Wall Amulet in a chest near a wall that a large Soldier Puppet smashes through shortly after reaching the Relic of Trismegistus Entrance stargazer.

Sometimes, one must focus on defense instead of offense. Nevertheless, one must pay the cost for sustaining an iron wall.

Well, this amulet is like strapping on a suit of digital armor that’s practically invincible. When you equip the Iron Wall Amulet, you’re not just leveling up; you’re boosting your physical damage reduction rate. Strap it on, pump up that physical defense, and charge into battle like a juggernaut.

1. Indomitable Amulet

Amulet WeightWhere to Find
2.5You can buy the Indomitable Amulet from a traveling merchant at Lorenzini Arcade for a price of 2,400 Ergo.

Their determination does not falter in the face of any difficulty. They continue to resist and defy, even in situations where moving proves impossible.

Indomitable Amulet is one of the best defensive amulets in Lies of P. Equipping this amulet is like strapping on a suit of virtual armor that screams “Bring it on!” It cranks up your resistance to Disruption, Shock, and Break. That’s like having a force field against those bad puppets.

Top 5 Utility Amulet

Best Utility Amulet in Lies of P

5. Carrier’s Amulet

Amulet WeightWhere to Find
3.3You can get the Carrier’s Amulet by defeating a steampunk puppet in a mine on your way to Moonlight Town, after you’ve gone through the Center of Venigni Works.

The puppets walked and walked. They saved their final step for the Barren Swamp, the puppets’ grave.

This amulet is like a magical weightlifting belt for your character. The objective is to enhance your weight limit, thereby enabling you to equip those robust and heavy pieces of equipment without restriction. You know how in games, there’s that moment when you’re eyeing that epic, super-buffed item, but you just can’t carry it? Well, that’s where the Carrier’s Amulet swoops in to save the day.

4. Veteran’s Amulet

Amulet WeightWhere to Find
2.4You can find the Veteran’s Amulet in a chest at the Arche Abbey Entrance, stargazer. Just keep moving up in that area until you reach a bridge with two tiger scorpion enemies on it, and the amulet is inside the chest they are protecting.

The last step at the crossroads of life and death. Among those who understood this desperation, there was one who decided to manufacture it.

Once you’ve got it equipped, it’s like giving your Legion a shot of pure gaming adrenaline. It boosts your max Legion, making you the commander of an even mightier army! And in Lies of P, having a beefed-up Legion can be the difference between victory and defeat.

3. Hunter’s Amulet

Amulet WeightWhere to Find
2.0To get the Hunter’s Amulet, defeat the Arlecchino jester puppet in the wine cellars at Lorenzini Arcade, and it will be your prize.

The value of Ergo gave rise to a new crime where puppets were used to steal other puppets’ Ergo. Sadly, these thieves met their end by the hunter puppets that they themselves created.

We all know how crucial Ergo is in Lies of P. It’s like the currency of champions, the XP of the pros, and the key to upgrading your gear and skills. It is like a treasure magnet, but for Ergo! It cranks up the Ergo acquisition when you’re out there defeating foes. In simple terms, you’re going to be swimming in Ergo faster than you can say GameRiv.”

2. Nameless One’s Amulet

Amulet WeightWhere to Find
10.7You can get the Nameless One’s Amulet by trading the Twisted Angel’s Ergo (Fallen Archbishop Andreus) with either Alidoro or Explorer Hugo.

There was a time when even puppets were treated as heroes in Krat. This amulet is the vestige of a fireman puppet who has called a hero.

Once you’ve got it equipped, it’s like having a jar of luck on your side. You know, those Pulse Cells you’ve been using left and right to power up your moves? Well, here’s the kicker – with this amulet, there’s a chance that you won’t even use one!

1. Ghost Walk Amulet

Amulet WeightWhere to Find
21.9You can get the Ghost Walk Amulet by trading your Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo (Puppet-Devouring Green Monster) with either Alidoro or Explorer Hugo.

The sentries feared the ghostly movements of the Green Monsters of the Swamp. One of the sentries miraculously managed to put the monster’s information in an amulet, but he also disappeared.

Ghost Walk Amulet is one of the best utility amulets in Lies of P. Now, here’s the real kicker: once you’ve got the Ghost Walk Amulet equipped on your puppet, you’ll unlock the ultimate ninja moves! You can perform a Fury Attack and dodge like a pro simultaneously. Yep, you heard me right – no more getting smacked around by those pesky mobs when you’re releasing your epic fury moves.

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