Lies of P (LOP): All Trinity Key and Trinity Sanctum Locations

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Neowiz Games

Lies of P has some riddle which you can answer to get a special key. This key will unlock the Trinity sanctum located throughout the game. Here, we will discuss how you can find all the keys and unlock all the sanctums in Lies of P.

Lies of P is a souls-like developed by Korean developers Neowiz. Being a souls-like game, the inspiration of the genre can be felt all over the game. But by far, the most inspiration it takes is from the Bloodborne games. It has similar dodge and health regain mechanics like Bloodborne but with its own twist. The game also encourages the player to play more offensively.

Lies of P is mostly a linear game with a few side paths. The game has good settings with an interconnected level design, which is to be expected from a game of this genre. But other than that, the game doesn’t try to be overly ambitious by adding too many extra side levels and content in the game.

However, a few side locations unlock various items for the players if they can find them. To unlock these locations, you will need something called the Trinity key. Lies of P has five keys and five locations players can get and explore, respectively. Here, we will show you how to get the keys and reach every Trinity Sanctum in the game.

All Trinity Key Locations in Lies of P

Trinity keys can be found throughout the game. These keys are necessary to unlock the different trinity sanctums found in the game. Each time you find a telephone booth ringing, you can pick up the phone and answer a question to get a Trinity key. Five different telephones can be found in the game, which will ask you various riddles. Here are all five locations with the answer to the riddle.

Krat City Hall CourtyardBy morning, it walks on feet numbering four.
Ad mid-day, just two, no less and no more.
It walks on three feet when the evening arrives.
And if you solve this, then I’ll know you’re alive!
Malum DistrictI stand tall and proud when I’m young and bold.
But I’m short and humble once I’ve gotten old.
What am I?
Grand Exhibition GalleryThink about this, whatever it takes:
What cannot be used before it breaks?
Krat Central Station StreetThis blue flower has many ways to take root.
But only on one man does it ever bear fruit.
Relic of TrismegistusIs Geppetto’s creation a killer? CONFESS!No

All Trinity Sanctum Locations

Now that you have the keys, you will have to go and unlock the sanctum to claim your rewards. Here is how you can reach each sanctum in Lies of P:

1. Workshop Union Culvert

Starting from the stargazer, head up to the midway while dodging the fireballs. Walk past the Black Cat and Red Fox and keep going straight. Eventually, you will reach a big red pipe. Instead of going through the pipe, take the opposite road. Keeping on in this road, you will find a door with a triangle symbol on it. You can use your first trinity key here.

2. St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel

From the stargazer, head in through the left door of the chapel. When you reach the collapsing hole, go down a bit and take the first right turn. Then, go through all the way and take another right turn to find a ladder that can be used to climb further down. After going down, take another right and go a bit to see a rotating wheel, which can be used as an elevator. Take it to reach the top floor.

Credit: Neowiz Games

Once you reach the top floor, go forward and take a left. Here, you will have to dodge the wheels and jump through the gaps on the plank. Now, you can keep following the road until you reach a ladder to climb up. You will have to dodge some electric balls along the way. After going up the ladder, dodge the ball to go to the left opening in the wall. There is your next Trinity sanctum room.

3. Estella Opera House Entrance

Form the stargazer, go into the opera house, and keep heading straight. You will eventually reach an area with a hole in the floor. Drop down the hole, and you will find the sanctum door right there.

4. Krat Central Station Lobby

Walk up the stairs from the stargazer and take the first left entrance. There, you will find the door right in front of you. It is hard to miss as it is not hidden behind a long walk or side path.

Credit: Neowiz Games

5. Arche Abbey Outer Wall

Right beside the stargazer, you will find a ladder. Use the ladder and then the stairs to go up the wall. After reaching the very top and going into the catacomb-like area, take a right turn. Continue on this road, and you will find a thin plank walkway. Use the plank to cross the gap and turn left. There, you will find a ladder to go down. Go down the ladder and then drop down once more. After dropping down, you will find the door behind your character.

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