Lies Of P (LOP): All Side Quests

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Neowiz Games, Round8 Studio

The Side Quests in Lies of P are coordinately significant like the primary quests. We will show you all the Side Quests in this guide.

Lies of P is the latest action RPG where you can experience the thrill of exploring the City of Krat and fighting with biomechanical enemies. Here in this game, you replay as the puppet Pinocchio, who has a special Lying System built within him. Your tasks will be to complete missions and side quests, find resources, craft powerful weapons, and much more to move forward in the gameplay.

Apart from the main missions or the primary missions, the side quests in LOP are equally important to complete. Finishing each of the Side Quests successfully will enable you to unlock different areas of the City, uncover hidden mysteries, and even get free rewards.

All Side Quests

Unlike the primary missions, Side Quests are most of the time started after interacting with different NPCs. In Lies P, the Side Quests start in Chapter II and end in Chapter VI of the game.

All the Side Quests in LOP are down below;

Chapter II

  • Toma’s Faded Whistle
  • Weeping Lady

Chapter III

  • Find Pulcinella (The Butler)

Chapter IV

  • Find the Holy Mark
  • Search Alidoro

Chapter V

  • Portrait of A Boy

Chapter VI

  • Find Julian (The Gentleman)
  • Adeline
  • Old Lady Through the Window

These are all the Side Quests in LOP.

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