Lies of P (LOP): All Amulets

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Neowiz Games

Lies of P has a lot of amulets for the players to use. Depending on the amulets, they grant different buffs to the character. Here, we will show you all the amulets you can get in the game.

Lies of P is a soul-like game where you play as Pinocchio. For some unknown reason, the puppets in the world have turned against their master. So the whole city is in uproar. Fortunately, your character has not been affected by it, and now you will have to search for the reason behind it.

Lies of P gives players different customization options. You have different weapons in two weapon slots. Then, you can even customize your right arm to equip it with different utilities. And finally, you have different amulets, which grant different buffs when equipped. Here is a list of all the amulets you can find in the game.

List of All Amulets in Lies of P

Arm of God AmuletTemporarily increases physical damage upon a successful attack.
Awakened God’s AmuletIncreases Fable Arts damage on a staggered enemy.
Assassin’s AmuletIncreases Crit ATK.
Black Cat’s AmuletReduces fall damage.
Blue Guardianship Amulet Increases max HP, Stamina, and Legion.
Carcass Butcher’s AmuletIncreases damage on Carcasses.
Carrier’s AmuletIncreases weight limit.
Conquering AmuletAfter perfect guard, it increases weapon damage temporarily.
Dancing One’s AmuletEnables dodging with low stamina.
Extreme Modification AmuletIncreases weapon ATK proportional to Fable slots.
Ghost Walk AmuletEnables fury attack/dodge.
Hunter’s AmuletGet increased ergo while killing enemies.
Impregnable Fortress AmuletAfter a perfect guard, weapon durability is not consumed.
Indomitable AmuletIncrease Resistance of Disruption / Shock / Break.
Iron Wall AmuletIncreases Physical Damage Reduction Rate.
Leaping AmuletIncreases Max Stamina.
Life AmuletIncreases max HP.
Murderer Puppet’s AmuletIncreases damage to humans.
Nameless One’s AmuletWhen using Pulse Cells, has a chance of not consuming a charge.
Patience AmuletIncreases Stamina recovery speed.
Piercing Hatred AmuletImmunity to all attribute status ailments.
Puppet Destoryer’s AmuletIncreases damage to puppets.
Recharged AmuletRestore HP continuously.
Red Fox’s Amulet+3 for Motivity and Technique.
Strength Amulet+4 Motivity.
Swordsmanship Master’s AmuletReduces Weapon Durability consumption.
Technique Amulet+4 Technique.
Transformation Amulet+4 Advance.
Triumvirate Amulet+1 All Legion Arms ability tier.
Veteran’s AmuletIncreases max Legion.
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