LoL Rengar Mini-Rework 2022: Ability Changes, Release Date, and More

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot Games officially confirms that Rengar is getting a mini-rework on League of Legends patch 12.6.

Rengar has already undergone multiple changes in League of Legends. He received his major update back in season 6, where Riot gave his Q – Savagery and his entire kit a complete overhaul. However, it received mixed reactions from the League of Legends community.

Because of his one-shot potential, he became one of the most hated champions. And after many backslashes, Riot decided to revert his Q in patch 8.4.

But after that revert, his presence in both soloq and pro games dropped drastically. Moreover, besides that buff on patch 10.25, he is yet to receive any significant buff/nerf in Season 12. Riot, however, did announce a Rengar mini-rework in Season 11, but it never went through.

As a result, currently on patch 12.5, Rengar only has a 49.61% win rate in Plat+ elo while having a 3% pick rate.

But now, League of Legends’ Designer on the Summoner’s Rift team, Riot Phlox, has finally confirmed that Rengar mini-rework will officially go live on patch 12.6.

“This was a pretty difficult project since, in my opinion, Rengar has some pretty awkward mechanics right now especially with W and Passive,” Riot Phlox said.

Rengar Mini-Rework

Unseen Predator (P):

  • [MODIFIED]: When Rengar has no ferocity his next leap generates 1 ferocity.
  • Ferocity Falloff Time: 8 >>> 10
  • Bonetooth Forgiveness Timer: 1.5s >>> 3s
  • Timing on ability to leap from brush is no longer variable by up to 0.25s
    • Range increased 25u to adjust
  • Jump Height: Slightly increased
  • Uses secondary resource bar for stacks, shows which stack came from leap

Savagery (Q):

  • Always counts as critical strike, critical strike chance scales damage
    • Currently: 1% crit chance = 1 damage
  • Works on towers

Bola Strike (E):

  • [NEW]: No cast time when leaping
  • [NEW]: Reveals enemies for 2 seconds

Thrill of the Hunt (R):

  • Reveal:
    • Just the Unit >>> small area around the unit

Release Date

Rengar mini-rework is currently on the PBE for testing, and full changes are scheduled to go live on League of Legends patch 12.6, March 30, 2022.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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