Lies of P (LOP): Every Lie and Truth Opportunities

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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In Lies of P, you will get to choose between a lie and a truth. We have listed all Lie and Truth opportunities in Lies of P.

As you journey through Lies of P, you’ll frequently face decisions about whether to tell the truth or lie. It might seem insignificant, but your choices influence the outcomes. The guide will illuminate every lie and truth in Lies of P. Therefore, you will be able to decide how Pinocchio should proceed.

We list all the lie and truth choices chronologically as you encounter them. Additionally, you’ll see the context, location, and both response options. Knowing this, you can choose Pinocchio’s morals and rewards carefully.

Remember, lies unlock different outcomes but aren’t inherently evil. And truths, while honest, limit certain rewards. Make informed choices for Pinocchio with our definitive list. Let your conscience and strategy guide whether our wooden hero ultimately lies or tells the whole truth.

Every Lie and Truth Opportunities in Lies of P

CharacterSituationLocationLie and Truth
Silhouetted WomanWoman asks if you think her baby is cute.Elysion Boulevard (Inside a house)Lie: That’s a cute baby.
Truth: That’s just a puppet.
AlidoroAlidoro asks if you know of a safe place.St. Frangelico Chapel LibraryLie: Venigni Works.
Truth: Hotel Krat.
Subsequent (if you lied):
Lie: Elysion Boulevard.
Truth: Hotel Krat.
Julian the GentlemanJulian asks if puppets can love humans.Rosa Isabelle Street CulvertLie: I saw the message she left saying she loves you.
Truth: I’ve never seen that happen before.
Lady AntoniaAntonia asks if she still looks beautiful.Hotel KratLie: Of course.
Truth: There is nothing left.
PolendinaPolendina asks if you’ve seen a puppet love a human.Hotel KratLie: There’s no such puppet.
Truth: I have / Show the wedding ring.
Simon ManusSimon asks what the cure has created.Grand ExhibitionLie: Monsters.
Truth: Hope for a cure.
EugenieEugenie gives gloves to Alidoro, did he like them?Hotel KratLie: He was happy.
Truth: He was angry. He said the gloves were rubbish.
BelleBelle asks what happened to her friend.Hotel KratLie: He was killed in battle.
Truth: He’s become a monster.
VenigniVenigni decodes a message about Geppetto.Hotel KratLie: I couldn’t hear.
Truth: Geppetto caused the puppet frenzy.
EugenieAlidoro admits to killing the real one.Hotel KratLie: I think he was just a talented Stalker.
Truth: The real Alidoro was murdered by the fake one.
ArlecchinoArlecchino asks if you’re human or puppet.Arche Abbey Outer WallLie: Human.
Truth: Puppet.
SophiaChoice to give Sophia peace or let her live.Ascension BridgeLie: Give her peace.
Truth: Let her live.
GeppettoGeppetto asks if he was a good father.Arche Abbey Upper Part (Internal Bridge)Lie: Yes.
Truth: No.
Simon ManusAfter defeating Simon Manus, he asks what you did with Sophia.Cradle of the GodsLie: I gave her peace.
Truth: I liberated her from Arche Abbey.

Why does your choice matter?

As you navigate these moral choices, weigh not just meaning but outcome. While lies unlock certain rewards, truths forgo benefits but maintain integrity. For example, lying to Eugenie about Alidoro gets a gesture, while honesty earns only her scorn. Yet honest souls preserve Pinocchio’s purity. Let your conscience and desired path shape whether you lie or speak plainly.

How to Shape Pinocchio’s Humanity?

With each lie, Pinocchio moves further from puppet to real boy. But unthinking deceit stains his wooden heart. Truths, though limiting rewards, keep him honest and kind. As you lie or tell the truth, you should also consider what humanity means to you. Will winning gifts and progress harden his heart? Or does goodness outweigh personal gain? Therefore, you should guide Pinocchio towards realness on your terms.

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