Lies of P (LOP): Best Ways to Farm Star Fragments

Adib Pritom
By Adib Pritom
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Here are the best ways to farm star fragments in Lies of P.

Lies of P uniquely brought the tale of Pinocchio, adding a dark flavor to it with Neowiz’s take on soulslike genre. Set in the city of Krat, the players will have to fight against the evil puppets as they progress through the game. As a classic hack-and-slash game, Lies of P presents some challenging fights and a fantastic storyline.

There are several items present in Lies of P that can help the players overcome these challenges of the game. One such item is the Star Fragment. Though these items might not be available in the early stage of the game, they can be crucial during the later stage of the game during the challenging boss fights. In this guide, we will take a look at the best ways to farm star fragments in Lies of P.

Best Ways to Farm Star Fragments in LOP

Star Fragments are dropped as enemy loot. These can be acquired by slaying several puppets and bosses throughout the game. You can get Star Fragments in the Krat City Courtyard by killing all four puppets.

Fast travel to Krat City Hall Courtyard Stargazer, the location of the Scrapped Watchman Boss. Before entering the boss area, head through the city hall, and you will find two enemies. Defeat them first to make your way up to a big puppet enemy on your left after exiting the building. Defeat the puppet, and it will drop a Star Fragment.

Another enemy that will drop some Star Fragments is the one in the Puppet of the Future arena. Travel to the Workshop Union Entrance, Stargazer. From there, enter the arena, and you will encounter a few enemies. Defeat them, and they are most likely to drop some Star Fragments.

You can also find some Star Fragments by defeating another puppet enemy outside the area where you beat the final boss, Simon Manus. You can also kill the dogs to get Star Fragments in the last area.

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