Lies of P (LOP): All Boss Ergos List

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By Adib Pritom
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If you are looking for all boss ergos list in Lies of P, this guide is for you.

Lies of P features a lot of puppet enemies and bosses that the players will have to fight in the city of Krat. The dark city has dangers in every corner, and one wrong move can put the players in a dangerous position. The game’s story adapts Pinnochio’s classic story, adding a more dark fantasy flavor to the game.

Lies of P is a hack-and-slash game, meaning there are only weapons that you know as melee weapons in other games. These weapons must be used to fight against the bosses in the game. As a soulslike game, Lies of P might be difficult for new and seasoned players. However, beating these tough bosses will also reward you greatly. The Boss Ergo is one such valuable reward. The boss or rare ergo can only be obtained by defeating the bosses in the game. In today’s guide, we will look at all boss ergos list in Lies of P and where to get them.

All Boss Ergos List

Boss NameErgoLocation
Parade MasterParade Master ErgoKrat Station City
Scrapped WatchmanBroken Hero ErgoKrat City Hall
King’s Flame FuocoKing’s Flame ErgoVenigni Works
Fallen Archbishop AndreusTwisted Angel ErgoSt. Frangelico Cathedral
Eldest of the Black Rabbit BrotherhoodResplendent Ergo ChunkMalum District
Romeo, King of PuppetBurnt-White King ErgoEstella Opera House
Champion VictorReborn Champion ErgoGrand Exhibition
Puppet-Devouring Green Monster of the SwampPuppet-Devouring Green Monster ErgoBarren Swamp
Laxasia the CompleteSad Zealot ErgoArche Abbey
Simon Manus Awakened GodFallen One ErgoArche Abbey
Nameless PuppetNameless Puppet ErgoArche Abbey

What To Do With Boss Ergo

Boss Ergo is a rare and very valuable item in Lies of P. These can be found only by defeating the bosses in the game. So, these are also very hard to get. If you have managed to get your hands on any boss ergo, we suggest you think wisely before spending as you will not find many of them in the game. These ergo can be most helpful to get the boss weapons in the game. After defeating a puppet boss, collect their ergo, and you can trade it with Alidoro or Explorer Hugo. These boss weapons can give you a significant advantage in the already hard combat of Lies of P.

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