Lies of P (LOP): Best Ways to Get More Rare Ergo

Adib Pritom
By Adib Pritom
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Here are the best ways to get more rare ergo in Lies of P.

Neowiz has released their soulslike game Lies of P. In the current ocean of soulslike games, Lies of P seems quite promising and has received a fair response from the community till now. The game is set in the dark city of Krat, and the story revolves around a character we all know from childhood, Pinocchio. The dark fantasy game requires the players to fight against the puppet enemies.

The players will have to fight many types of enemies throughout the game. Killing an enemy will result in them dropping Ergo. Ergo is the main currency in the game. The players will have to use these to buy items. Today’s guide will look at the best ways to get rare ergo in Lies of P.

Best Ways to Get More Rare Ergo in LOP

Rare Ergos are hard to find in the game and can only be found by killing the bosses in Lies of P. Here are all the bosses and the rare egos they drop.

Boss NameErgo
Parade MasterParade Master Rare Ergo
Scrapped WatchmanBroken Hero Rare Ergo
King’s Flame FuocoKing’s Flame Rare Ergo
Fallen Archbishop AndreusTwisted Angel Rare Ergo
Romeo, King of PuppetBurnt-White King Rare Ergo
Champion VictorReborn Champion Rare Ergo
Puppet-Devouring Green Monster of the SwampPuppet-Devouring Green Monster Rare Ergo
Laxasia the CompleteSad Zealot Rare Ergo
Simon Manus Awakened GodFallen One Rare Ergo
Nameless PuppetNameless Puppet Rare Ergo

How To Use Rare Ergo

The players can use Rare Ergo to complete several activities in the game. It is essential to level up in Lies of P or boost up the stats of your main character. Players can trade these rare ergo with Alidoro or Explorer Hugo to get boss weapons in Lies of P. These weapons can be beneficial to take down stronger enemies easily.

You can find Alidoro in the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library and Explorer Hugo near the Hermit’s Cave in the Barren Swamp. Both of these traders offer some very useful weapons and amulets that can provide you with an advantage over other enemies.

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